Simple Plan's song "I'm just a Kid," the singer talks about the age when your not a child but not yet an adult either. The singer talks about how life at this stage of being a teenager is a nightmare. The teenager thinks that he has many friends but he barely ever hears from them. He basically spends every night alone and feels lost. He feels that nobody really cares about his feelings and that he is alone in this world. He points out that "everyone's got somewhere to go" and that he is just going to be left alone at home.

The song talks about the feelings of a hormonal adolescent searching for an identity. He feels like he doesn't belong anywhere and yet is not excepted anywhere either. The lonely teenager points out that he knows being a kid is unfair and that it has its down points. He appears to be lost in a sense that he doesn't feel excepted anywhere, and its probably because of hormones and the normal thinking of a teenager. The characterization of the singer is: being a kid isn't easy, since most teens are trying to find themselves you could feel alone at times and lost. In this case, the singer is revealing his feelings about being a kid and sometimes it could almost feel like your all alone in the world, dealing with feelings and emotions that you think nobody else feels but you.

The character of the song is dealing with normal pressures and lonely feelings of a teenager going though many stages. Simple Plan's "I'm just a kid" and Jonah Black's The Black Book [Diary of a teenage Stud] share common character traits. The character in the novel and the song point out the different emotions and feelings of being a teenager. Both characters show the changes they go through.

In the song the singer says, "What the hell is wrong with me? I don't fit in with anybody." The singer is questioning himself and the situation he feels he is in. This line mirrors the character in the novel, Jonah Black. He feels alone and lost at times so he fantasizes and blocks out his reality. Unlike the character in the song, Jonah deals with his loneliness and his unwanted reality life by fantasizing about romantic events and sexual activities with girls.

The song portrays a lonely teenager who feels excluded from an ideal teenage life, so he feels left out and unwanted. Unlike Jonah, the character in the song believes that these feelings are just because he is a "kid" and that they will probably leave him when he grows up. Jonah feels that he will be alone and excluded his whole life and that these feelings will persist. To block out these feelings of loneliness, Jonah fantasizes and basically mixes up reality with fantasy. These shifts from day dreaming to an actual life confuse Jonah. Which leave him asking, "what is wrong with me?" The character in the song and Jonah both reveal the thoughts of being left alone at home with nothing to do and no one who cares.

Both characters are going through that difficult adolescent stage in life when they are not a child but not yet an adult either, and both point out the loneliness of being a teenager.