Nowra, in Cosi has written about a transformation, he illustrates a time when ordinary people did not understand mentally-ill patients well. Throughout this drama, Lewis! | (the protagonist) concepts and perceptions of love, politics and mental illness experience a change in direction. These changes are the results of his interaction and in time, understanding of the mentally-ill patients around him. These characters, patients, help reveal the true character of Lewis. Nowra writes of a transformation where concepts and views on love and fidelity change in direction through various catalysts. At the beginning, Lewis is unsure of what his opinion on love is, he claims that! SSlove is not so important nowadays!" .

Lewis claimed that! SSlove was a hard concept to define!" , he had not yet developed his own views but had been manipulated by his friends, Nick and Lucy, who both believe that love is not important. Throughout the play, Lewis interacts with the patients who each hold contrasting views towards love. Through their interactions and conversations, it can be seen that Lewis believes in fidelity, not unlike Cherry, but in contrast to Julie who believes love to be another form of drugs. Also through these interactions, Lewis! | strong opinion that true love and fidelity should exist in relationships form. It can be seen when he said that the play is! SS about important things! V like love and fidelity. !" Even after Lewis was betrayed by his girlfriend; Lucy, he was persistent in his belief that women should be faithful to men and that true love does exist.

Cosi explores a situation where concepts and perceptions on politics are changed and shaped due to various factors. At first, Lewis is shown to the audience as an unsure and weak character with a low level of self-confidence; as the director, he did not put himself in control but instead straightaway handballs the power to Roy when manipulated by him. Close to the beginning of the drama, Lewis had no opinion on politics; he turned off the radio as soon as he heard an opinion expressed on the Vietnam War. Later on, as the play develops, Lewis is able to express his own views without hesitation. By being around people with simple views, Lewis has been pushed to change; he is no longer scared of what other people will think.

Towards the end of the play, when asked to attend the moratorium instead of the play, Lewis was able to say that the play comes! SS first!" . Views on mental illness and the mentally ill are renewed and changed as the plot of Cosi developed. Lewis started as a character that was unsure of how to deal with the patients, but after spending time with them and understanding them, he was able to cope with them and form friendships with many. One example of an event where Lewis experienced change would be when they acted out the shock treatment. When Roy claimed that he acted by using method acting, Lewis immediately understood the hardships Roy had suffered in his life. After the interactions that occur in the drama between Lewis and the patients, Lewis understands the patients and sees that many people are ignorant to the topic of mental-illness.

After examining Cosi closely, it can be concluded that the patients merely help Lewis to find his real character and do not change him through manipulation. Lewis! | perceptions of politics, love and fidelity are formed as a result of his interactions with the patients. Lewis is able to affiliate himself and express his opinions rather than conforming to those around him.