Costa Rica is a beautiful country with a wide variety of fun outdoor activities. In one day you can go from the beach, to the top of a volcano, to the peaks of mountains. In Costa Rica, if you like the outdoors, you will never run out of fun things to do. There is everything from white water rafting to shopping in the outdoor markets. One of my favorite things to do in Costa Rica is white water rafting.

There are many rivers to do this on, with an unlimited amount of guide company's that will help you do it. The guides make sure you are safe and help show you what to do. While on the river you get to see the beautiful lush rainforest. You also can see all the wild life on the muddy banks of the river. Not to mention the rush of riding through the rapids! Hiking is also a very popular activity in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is a country that is seventy-five percent rainforest. There are also many guide company's that will provide you with a knowledgeable person to guide you through the forest. You can see all the different types of trees and plants, and see how the rainforest benefits everyone. You also get to see many interesting animals like three-toed sloth's, flying squirrels, monkeys, and a wide variety of snakes. Also a lot of the plants are edible, so the guides will show you what you can eat. The Coco tree is dominant in the rainforest.

That's where all our chocolate comes from. Also bananas are a large commodity in the rainforest. In the Mountains in Costa Rica, rock climbing and repelling is a very popular activity. There are many different rock faces to do this in the mountains. Like all the other outdoor activities, there are different people who specialize in this.

They will bring all the equipment for you to climb and repel. From the peaks of the mountains you can see a lot of the country and the rainforest. You can see the tops of the volcano's from the mountains. It's magical to be swinging three-hundred feet in the air and seeing the whole countryside. Water activities in Costa Rica are probably the most popular. There is a beautiful reef that you can go scuba-diving on.

All the tropical fish swim around you like your not even there. Surfing is also a very big activity in Costa Rica. When you drive through the towns on the coast there are people everywhere carrying around their surfboards. The waves are huge and perfect for surfing. People travel from all over the world to surf these waves. Ocean kayaking is also very popular because of the large waves.

At anytime given time, on the beach, you will see people kayaking. The beaches are beautiful, with the black sand from the volcano's, which probably brings more people to do these activities. Costa Rica is a very good place to go if your looking to have a good time in the outdoors. You can have a good time without spending a horrendous amount of money. Not to mention all of the beautiful scenery you will see! You will come home with a whole new perspective of the outdoors and memory's to last a lifetime.