Culture: What it means to me. To me culture is a society's way of life. Culture is people's ethnicity and their traditions carried down from generations past. Culture is also coerced and forced into our beliefs by government, parents, religion and society. There are many different kinds of cultures all around the world. Culture is a very important part of life and I feel it is a way of thinking, feeling, and believing.

Culture affects every aspect of our everyday life from the food we eat to the music we listen to. Culture largely affects government by changing and setting standards of "normality" and establishing what is accepted within specific societies. In turn government also impacts and changes our culture. The people in this country vote for whom they want in government.

This, in turn, shapes society by governing new laws and assimilating them into our culture. Culture also reflects people's traditions when it comes time for dinner. For example, in China they sit low to the floor on cushions and eat using chop sticks. In America we sit at the dinner table on chairs and eat using a number of utensils.

In England they sip tea and even have set times for breaks to gather and have tea and crumpets. These eating styles are all directly tied into different people's cultures and Ethnic backgrounds. Culture also has a huge impact on the music we listen to. In this country we even have a classification labeled "pop culture." In America we have a wide range of music to please all the different ethnic backgrounds of people.

There are certain sounds that come to mind when you mention a specific country. Scottish people are known for their distinct sounds of the bag pipe, just as Jamaicans are known for their reggae. There are distinct sounds and instruments from almost all countries of different origin. Culture dramatically affects our every day lives whether we like it or not. Government, parents, children, religion, all of these things affect culture and all of these things are affected by culture.