In the "The Death of a Salesman", the main character Willie is a very troubled man. He talks to himself and is depressed. He wants his son Biff to be a great salesman, but that's Willie's dream for Biff. This interferes with Biffs' life and he is not able to live and fulfill his dreams. Willie reminds me of my father is some ways, but is a complete opposite in other aspects. In similarity to my father, Willie talks to himself.

I will often come into a room of my house and hear my father talking but no one is there to listen. When I ask him whom he's talking to, he doesn't even realize he is doing it, much like Willie. My father will be having his own conversation and when someone asks him what he is talking about, he is just as confused as they are. My father and Willie are both hard workers. Although Willie doesn't get much accomplished while working, he still drives long hours for his job.

My father, at times, will spend endless hours working for the benefit of his family, like Willie. Although Willie and my father both talk to themselves and are hard workers, they also have their differences. Willie wants Biff to fulfill Willie's dreams, not his own. Willie would give anything for Biff to settle down and become a sales man, but that is not what Biff wants. That's not his dream, that's not what would make him happy. My father has given me every opportunity to fulfill everyone of my dreams.

Anything I wish to accomplish in my life, my father gives me the encouragement and support I need. My dream is to one day be a nurse, and my father is willing to do anything to help me fulfill that dream. Another difference between Willie and my father is their mental state. I admit they both talk to each other, but Willie is depressed and not mentally healthy. I don't believe my father is depressed and I also feel that my father is not at risk for suicide. Willie and my father share similarities and differences.

But they are both hard workers, trying their best to support their families.