The play, "A Death of a Salesman", is one of America's favorite tragedies. The play is one that every man can relate to. The play involves real characters in real situations. The play demonstrates the great American struggle to make it in the world. "A Death of a Salesman" also shows a struggling relationship between a son and his father. These facts are why this play will always be a continuing classic.

The play deals with two major struggles that every person can relate to. The more major of the two is the downfall of Willie Loan. Willie is a guy who has outlived his career. Willie is out of money and out of luck.

The second of these two struggles is Biff trying to do something with his life. Biff is trying not to go down the same track that his father has gone down. Willie and Biff are trying to find success and do not know how to do it. This is the struggle of every American man.

The play shows a struggling relationship between a father and a son. Biff and Willie have not got along for years. Willie has aspirations for Biff that Biff can never live up to. Willie wants Biff's respect more than anything in the world. Biff respects Willie, but Willie does not see it. The father and son's lack of communication leads to tension between the though out the course of the play.

Both are too much of men to admit that they love each other; which is a big problem with most father and son relationships in real life. People always like to see a play with an interesting ending. "A Death of a Salesman" definitely had an interesting ending. Willie commits suicide to help his son out with his life.

Willie also believes that though his death, Biff will respect Willie. This ending brings out mixed emotions from the viewers of the play. The emotional ending is what makes the viewers leave wanting to see more. "A Death of a Salesman" will always be a classic American tragedy. The play uses situations that people can relate to. The play contains the struggles of American life.

Willie shows the common man's attempt to make it in life and to gain his family's respect. The struggles of Willie stir up emotions in the viewers of the play that make the play an American favorite.