Chris Carey 8/28/02 6 th period Doing Much of Nothing With No One in Particular The night was dark and modestly stormy. I was on a holiday from school and was visiting my fathers' humble abode. While I was relaxing in front of the television watching one of my favorites called Shasta Mc Nasty, there was a strange uncomfortable sensation building up in the pit of my stomach. I was on the brink of starving, the feeling of panic started to set in.

There was half a pint of milk in the fridge and a box of fruity pebbles left in the kitchen cabinet. I jolted up from my reclined position on the couch and retrieved the two items to prepare a heaping bowl of cereal. I was half way through my meal when I was awakened from my euphoric state (caused by the cereal) by an ear shattering ring. I looked around and located the telephone and proceeded to answer the telecommunications device. On the other end of the phone was Leon, he wanted to know if I wanted to hang out with him later. The reply I gave to him was "yes." He came over about a quarter past eleven o' clock.

We left my house in his Ford Ranger and traveled to the subdivision where he lived for the past four years. "We stopped a few houses" before his at Tracy Wolters to discuss the plans for the night. Leon knocked on the door and Tracy's younger brother answered the door and told us that Tracy has been down the street at Emily's for the past twenty minutes. I bid farewell to Dilly n as Leon and I meandered towards Emily's house. On the way Leon started coaxing me into going up to Wal Mart to race the wheel chairs around the store. At first I was not to keen about the idea, because my stomach was not satisfied with the half a bowl of cereal and was begging me for more.

I suggested to him that we stop at Waffle House on the way to get some grub, he nodded as a sign of approval. Leon knocked violently on the door, which caused a single blood curdling scream from within the house. Emily opened the door and pointed us in the direction at which we might find Tracy. I tried to hold my composure but could not contain myself any longer and burst into a fury of laughs, which were silenced with a swift kick to the stomach by Emily.

After this we met up with Tracy and the usual informal greetings were exchanged. Leon proposed his idea of going out to Wal Mart and Waffle House, Tracy denied the offer of joining us and let us know how much he would like to just "chill" with his girlfriend for the night. Leon and I took our cue and left them alone. We traveled up the road toward his truck and got in.

With a swift turn of the key in the ignition we were off to go and have dinner at Waffle House. We arrived at Waffle House at about one thirty or two o' clock and sat ourselves near the window near his truck so we can keep an eye on it while we eat. I glanced over Leon's shoulder and noticed a woman sitting at the counter with her boyfriend. Upon closer examination I noticed she had a bruise on the right side of her face. The bruise covered her cheek and the temple area of her face. While I was discretely watching her I noticed she began crying and excused herself to go to the restroom.

I was curious how this bruise could have occurred and told Leon about this girl. He thought that the guy might be her boyfriend and he got a little carried away in an argument and smacked her a few times. Leon continued that he could have brought her here to apologize for his actions. The girl in question returned from the restroom and took her seat back. I began to stare "deeply into her my gaze" almost going through her. She turned her head in my direction and our eyes met instead of cutting my line of vision away from hers.

I simply smiled and waved to her and that sorrowful face changed to a broken smile. The waitress came around not long after this and handed us our meals. My stomach was fully satisfied after devouring three cheese eggs that were also accompanied by three pieces of toast. Leon only ordered a coffee and sipped it quietly as he grinned to himself. I was in no mood to grin or look happy after my thoughts about the girl siting in front of me continued to wander more and more. Leon had to call my name several times before he could get my attention.

He was trying to get me to pay my bill so we could go to Wal Mart. I paid then we left. The Ranger pulled in to the parking lot at about three A. M. and advanced upon a parking spot.

We got out of the car and headed towards the door. Leon stopped me to get me to walk in there like I had a bum leg while he went in pretending he had surgery on his lower mid section and wasn't suppose to walk all that much. I went in first and started to get on one of the electric wheel chairs when I heard someone shout in my direction. I could not distinguish what was said but by the tone i could tell it was negative. I pretended not to hear anything and hopped on the electric cart.

As I did this I heard a rhythmic jingling get closer to me until it was right behind me. As I turned to see what or who it was I identified a small and frail looking old man that was employed by Wal Mart. He started to mumble with a southern twang and I just sat there starring at him like a deer stuck in headlights. He repeated himself clearer than last and I was able to distinguish that he was trying to find out why I was using a granny cart to get around. I explained to him that I sustained a severe chess injury during the championship game. The elderly man looked at me as if I had an abnormally large strand of mucus crawling out of the interior of my nose.

He waved me on and let me know that he hopes my leg gets better. I made my way to the electronic section of the store and was completing my third lap around the CD rack when I saw a glimpse of Leon's head creeping towards me. When he finally came into full view, he had the goofiest look on his face. He stopped in front of me and cracked up laughing.

He too had a granny cart and tried to tell me what happened up front with the same elderly man. Leon said when he got on the cart that an old man stood behind him trying to obstruct the path of the cart. The man according to Leon did not "speak right" and continued to say "weird mixed up things about not messing with wild chandeliers." Leon realized that the statement was actually a question about his handicap enabling him from walking. Leon explained to him that he caught himself on his velcro pants and was mentally scared for life. He later told me he shed a few tears which possibly was the key granting him access to the electric cart.

We started our races at about four o' clock A. M. and continued them until about five. We took a break over in the toy section of the store. I told Leon that I was being followed by the store manager and right as I said this Leon backed into a shelf piled high with about fifty to sixty buckets and shovel combos knocking every last one to the ground. Right after doing so the store manager came over to tell us it is time for us to escort ourselves out.

We left the store and got into the Ford Ranger. Leon wanted to rest his eyes for a minute before we left. Immediately after closing our eyes we fell into an un penetrable slumber.