In the aboriginal culture, there are many literature pieces that explain spirituality within one? s self. Harjo creates a theme within the poem that illustrates many connections to spirituality. The theme displays an environment for the reader to create uniformity with his / her self in ways they can grasp in reality. Within each stanza, he creates a mysterious outline within his own words.

There are many symbols and metaphors used in Eagle Poem that aid in showing the theme. Harjo also gives you an idea about the connection between human beings and nature. In the first paragraph he explains that you? open your whole self? when you pray. He didn? t portray only one thing to pray about but everything that is living and holds that a spirit. I think that illustrates spirituality between everything that is this world and how everything should be respected in each its own way. The mysterious outline in the poem is exposed through the voices that you can? t see or can? t hear but they? re around in growing moments.

It? s a similarity with that small voice inside of you that guides you through life and stops you from doing stupid things. ? And know there is more? is meant by knowing there? s more in life that what you can see or feel. It? s the feeling of just accepting what is, is and what is shall be. Harjo uses many symbols and metaphors like circles of motion to explain the rhythm of life within the world and the importance of the circle. He also uses the eagle to symbolize freedom not only within the culture but also within us. Swept our hearts clean, With Sacred wings? represents a spiritual cleansing, ? Like eagle rounding out the morning, inside us? demonstrates a new beginning (morning) for everyone and praying that it will be done in beauty.

Harjo also shows a vast connection between nature and humans in Eagle Poem. The eagle as a messenger, praying to the sun, the moon, Salt River, the morning, and most importantly yourself. Personally, I think that Eagle Poem shows the reader the connections between life and how important it is to be grateful in everything that exists. That life is delicate, short, and should be taken care of. ? Were born, we die soon within a circle of motion? .

The Circle of Motion is greatly significant because it explains the rotation of life, although there are many other symbols for the circle, in this poem, it? s significant to life. Harjo? s themes are outlined 1086393 by many detailed expressions of the spirit. It teaches readers about culture and whom they are inside. The rhythm is displayed on nature and worship through the earth and not through any organized religions or one god.

Eagle Poem should be shown to the world to prove spirituality exists within everyone and in the aboriginal culture. In beauty shows the nakedness of the poem, the disease of youth and that life should not be taken for granted nor should anything in this beautiful world.