He was born in Chicago to wealthy parents- went to private schools He graduated from Michigan Military Academy in 1895 He served in the 7 th Calvary for a year (1896-1897) He worked numerous odd jobs for the next fifteen years, such as: - A railroad policeman - The owner of a stationary store - A miner in Idaho - A manager for Sears Roebuck In 1900 he married Emma Centennial Hubert, with whom he had two sons and one daughter For the next ten years he and his family lived in poverty, and he began to write in his spare time, not expecting anything to come of it In 1912, while 37 years old, he published his first serialized novel, Under the Moons of Mars Munseys Publications bought his series of stories about adventures on Mars, which became instant hits in pulp magazines and put his name out in the literary field In 1914 he wrote Tarzan of the Apes, which sold 25 million copies in 56 languages. (Interesting fact: E. R. Burroughs never visited Africa) He eventually wrote 68 books, 25 of them being about Tarzan People loved them, but critics dismissed them as cheap literature. However, he was able to make enough money for it to be profitable Tarzan soon appeared in movies, comic strips, the radio, etc.

Edgar Rice Burroughs divorced Emma Hubert in 1934, and a year later married Florence Dear holt. They divorced in 1942 By the 1930's, he was wealthy enough to found his own publishing house and motion picture company He died of a heart ailment on March 19, 1950, alone but not impoverished.