I believe strongly that Elizabeth Proctor is innocent and believe that there is evidence upon evidence that can prove her innocence to the court and all the people who doubt her innocence. Elizabeth Proctor has never done anything that can be construed as witchcraft. She has had angry times in her life but who wouldn't consider having your husband commit adultery and you find out be a tough time? Just because of this does not even begin to be a valid reason for claiming Elizabeth Proctor to be a witch. Evidence can clearly prove and state that Elizabeth Proctor is innocent on all accounts of accused witchcraft. Everything that has been considered evidence that she is a witch has been proved wrong. The poppet that Mary Warren sewed and gave to her was claimed by Abigail to be a voodoo doll and that her stab wound was from the stab wound on the doll with the pin, when the pin wound wasn't even in the same spot of the doll as the wound on Abigail's body was.

How could it be possible that Elizabeth Proctor was performing witchcraft and using the doll to inflict the wound upon Abigail when the wounds don't even match up? Also, Mary Warren confessed to having sewed the poppet herself and given it to Elizabeth as a gift and that Elizabeth never kept it and Abigail took it herself and placed the needle in it to make it seem as though Elizabeth Proctor took the doll and used it to harm her. Elizabeth Proctor is a Christian woman and has her own bible and knows the ten commandments by heart. Ask yourself what sort of witch would go to church, read the bible, and memorize and live her live by the ten commandments? Elizabeth even forgave her husband after he broke one of the ten commandments and committed adultery. She didn't act vengeful and hateful towards him. Of course there was still tension between them, but that is expected. She still did forgive him which takes a lot of spirit that most people wouldn't have and enough love for her husband to believe that he was truly sorry and put her faith in him again.

Her husband, John Proctor, who is likely to know her better than most people said "She never lied, she can not." This shows that he believes that Elizabeth Proctor can not by her nature tell a lie and is always committed to telling the truth and never keeping a secret from people. John Proctor has known Elizabeth better and longer than Abigail and all the other accusing her of witchcraft which makes him liable to be telling the truth when he is testifying. "If you think I am one, then I say there are none." (p. 70) is what Elizabeth said when she was accused of witchcraft. She says that if of all people she is suspected of witchcraft then there just has to be no witches if she is the most suspicious of it and she knows for a fact inside that she is not a witch.

Out of all the people in the town that are more suspicious and more likely to be a witch, Elizabeth has been picked to be tried for witchcraft. If she is really the most suspected of it in town than there must be no witches at all in town because Elizabeth can be clearly proved with extenuating facts and evidence that she is not a witch but a Christian woman who lives by the Bible and the ten commandments and has never practiced witchcraft in her life. If Elizabeth shall be hanged for this, every last person in the town shall be hanged right next to her, for they are just as guilty as she is.