I am chinese education, so that my English is not good. I am already is a college student. I have a big problem is on my English. I am very difficult to communicate with my classmate and all my assignment and exam cann not write in better. I am very difficult to give my idea in property English. It like a children's essay.

I am very feel shame about that. How i got to do in my English? i can remember all the rule of grammer, but i do not know how to use it and when to use it is proper. i always think that is it correct or wrong. my vacaburary also very weak. Sometime my friend talk with me i should guess what his / her mean or think it a long time.

actually, i only can talk with them a short sentense or a phrase only. if not they must give me a long time to think to sentense. Am i stupid? Actually i am very love English. i always think that English is a beautiful language, so i am very envy that people who can speak very well in English. most people say that French is the most beautiful language in the world, but in my choice is chinese and English. English not only beautiful also is intermatinal language.

when you go to other countries can communicate with the local people in English easily. so that i hope my English can be better than know. the best is i can write a good essay. but i think i can communicate with people easily is more important for me now..