"English is Everyone's Second Language." English is, to date, the world's most influential language. Over one thousand million people throughout the world speak at least some. English is used as a common tongue, uniting speakers of different languages. It is used in governments and means of travel worldwide.

A fantastic amount of media such as books, newspapers, television and movies from across the world are all in the English language. As is a great amount of music. Especially important in this technical age, the language of computers is also English. This means for those who don't speak any, majority are still subjected to its influence in their lives.

If not their first, it becomes the second language in the lives of everyone. English is used as a common tongue to unite speaker of different languages. In countries such as Africa and India, where many different languages are spoken, it is used as the language of the government. As it was said in the video "The History of English,"In India English has the benefit of not being a mother tongue... If Hindi was used in the government it would be one party's mother tongue, putting the other at a disadvantage... English is neutral." English is very important in cases like this, and so therefore it is important for people in power to know how to speak it.

In this age of travel it is vital to have a form of easy communication internationally. English is used as the conventional language of aircraft landing in 157 different countries around the world. Even an Italian aircraft, flown by an Italian pilot, landing in Italy will communicate with the Italian Air Traffic Control in English. So too will ships travelling in International waterways communicate with each other, and the Coast Guard, in English. In the travel industry knowing English is a vital part of the job. It is not just people, but also media, that travel internationally nowadays.

Though the population is expanding, rifts are shrinking as communications are strengthened. News is broadcast to countries around the world in English. The voice of the BBC is often known to represent truth and authority and is the world's most renowned broadcaster. News also travels via magazines and newspapers to all corners of the globe. English is also the most read language in the world, and is not just popular in English speaking countries. In fact India is the third largest book producer in the world.

Letters delivered internationally have their addresses printed on the in English. Japanese sales of the English Dictionary outnumber the Americans. People realise that in order to be in touch with the rest of the world, they all need to speak the same language, and currently that language is English. In the entertainment industry it is known that sales are increased when a greater audience is targeted. For this reason there are movies, television series and music from around the world spoken or sung in English. ABBA, a pop band from the Seventies was a worldwide hit, yet if they had sung in their mother tongue, Swedish, their audience would not have been nearly as great.

By using English the entertainment industry gets to sell its products all around the world. English is spoken throughout the world. It is the mother tongue of 350 million people, the fluent second language of forty million, and yet another four million speakers can get by. The English language has an influence in the lives of just about everyone in some way or another, be it apparent or not. In this period of time it is the common tongue that links communication around the world..