Final Memo from CEO: From: Gilford Holto To: Think-tank members Date: 9 October, 2003 Subject: New profit making schemes We need to define new profit making schemes and I would like you o make suggestions about it. We will meet on the 30 th at 11: 00 a. m. in the boardroom. Before October the 15 th, you have to let my secretary know if you will be present or not. Keep on thinking about suggestions.

Your CEO GH Draft a memo from myself (a think-tank member) in response to the CEO's. Include reference to 2 profit-making schemes (1 sentence for each). From: Gilford Holto To: CEO Date: 16 October, 2003 Subject: Suggestions about new profit making schemes I have been thinking about new profit schemes during the last week and before the meeting, I wanted to share with you two of my ideas. On the one hand, we could focus on the products with the best added value so that we could increase our profit.

On the other hand, we could begin a knowledge management project which is a very good way (regarding experience in concurrent companies) to increase our innovation capacities and accelerate our projects duration. I will be please to discuss about these options in two weeks. Gilford Holto, project manager GH From: Gilford Holto To: All employes Date: 2 October, 2003 Subject Change in work schedule Next Monday we should have had the annual visit of the FDA (Federal Drugs and Administration). However, due to the sanitary extreme conditions in Alabama at this time, they have cancelled their journey. Quality must be an every-day work as we are dealing with medicine but I wanted to share this piece of information with you. Their commission will visit us before the end of the month and I will come back to you for more precise information as soon as possible.

Keep on working efficiently for your company and to do the best for our clients. Your President GH 107 #7 From: Gilford Holto To: All students Date: 9 October, 2003 Subject: Rules regarding the use of computers in the Student Centre - From January 1 - $20 user fee / semester - Two-hour-limited session - Advanced booking available - Identification required - Internet access available with an account number - WordPerfect, PageMaker and Visual Basic available on all machine with a 3 1/2 disk The Director GH      GSM, Inc.       278 rue Richard 75016 Paris France  November 6, 2003 Canadian Trip 2748 Lucian Est Montr " eal, Qu " ebec H 2 R W 5 F Attn: Ms. Snowfall RE: Journey to Lauren tides Dear Madam, The management team of my company would like to have a both working and entertaining seminar during the third week of net year. We have visited your website and we are interested in the everything-in stay that you purchase. The travel is included in the price mentioned on the internet.

However, as the travellers will be high managers, we would like to have further information about which kind of transport you provide. On which company and in which class will they travel from France to Canada? Moreover, with which category of vehicles will they have to travel ones in Qu " ebec? Thank you for your quick answer. Respectfully GH.