Nowadays, with the quickly development of society, there are a lot of competitions in the world. People feel more and more stresses. Of course it includes peer pressure. I think peer pressures mainly come from jobs, study and some special conditions. More and more competition is in the jobs.

For example, some people are better than you in jobs, so you will feel a lot of pressures. If your boss enjoys another people better, you also feel a lot of pressures. On another side, if your friend gets a better job or works at a bigger company, you will feel some stresses, too. When you meet together with some friends, they will talk about who is the best people in yours. So someone hates friends meeting. When you study in your high school or university, you must study hard, or else you will be failed.

If your friend is the best student in your class, you will be jealous. So the stress comes out. In China, a lot of students choose to commit suicide every year. The problem of study is a very big stress in China now. They do not want to be compare with other students and they do not want their parents to know their result of study. The self-respect is the root of peer pressures in schools.

A lot of peer pressures come from some special conditions, such as Ali brandi. She is illegitimacy. Some people despised her and talked about her in the back in her school, so she felt peer pressures and it made her hate to go to school. The peer pressures include mainly the stress of jobs and study and some special condition also can cause the peer pressures. In my opinion, the competitions are the cause of the peer pressures. So peer pressures is everywhere in the world..