'Run Lola Run' 18 th August 03 If you " re the type of person who likes being kept on the edge of your seat and glued to the cinema screen... then 'Run Lola Run' is the movie for you. This captivating movie has more twists then a lifetime, with the use of extraordinary techniques and visual effects this movie is brought to life. German director Tom Tykwer spins three "what if" segments, each time with the same basic story line but with different outcomes, leaving the viewers perhaps with the choice of how the film ends... tragedy or happily.

In 'Run Lola Run' time becomes a matter of life and death, as today is unlike any other day. Manni (Moritz Bleibtreu) who is a small time courier for a big time gangster is working a standard pick up / drop off job, when things don't go exactly to plan. Manni's girlfriend Lola (Frank a Potent e) was meant to pick Manni up, but was late due to her moped being stolen. One stroke of bad luck leads to another, and by the time Manni calls Lola he is in a massive dilemma.

Manni's boss is meeting him in 20 minutes to collect the 100 000 marks off him, that Manni suddenly doesn't have. Lola's desperate plan: Find money somehow, somewhere In 20 minutes... "Run Lola Run." The visual effects and flashbacks in the movie are what make 'Run Lola Run's uch a fascinating movie. Time is a crucial factor as there are always clocks present throughout the film. There are clocks that swing back and fourth across the screen, with the camera tilting upwards and we plunge into a gaping hole- as if swallowed by time. At the start of the movie Lola is running, and is in a cartoon effect.

This use of animation shows the true effect of a game-like movie, which seems to be Tykwer's main technique in the movie. Games can be played over and over again; if you lose you can always try again. Tykwer's hypothesis was "If film is like a game, then why not give Lola a second chance, or a third, as in this movies case." As an accomplished cinematic stylist director Tom Tykwer doles out some magnificent film tricks that keep the story going and the audience's interest up. One of the most moving effects used in the movie is when Lola collides into all sought's of different people and then shows droll and nasty fast forwards of those people's lives. During these fast forwards he gives us, in 10 seconds a series of shots that depict each person's entire subsequent life, often to a hilarious effect. Such as the bank employee who is perceived as a sensible and quiet young woman, when actually this isn't the case, as the fast forwards reveal shocking and exotic bedroom action.

Another well produced visual effect in the film 'Run Lola Run' was the significance of the color red. Red is the symbol of Lola's passionate love, Lola's phone is red, so is the bag with the money. The ambulance that runs over Manni is red, Lola's hair is bright red, and there are red lights featured in the film. But the true significance of the color red is Manni and Lola's love for each other, as when Lola and Manni are about to die, the screen fades to red. Lola is the player who must counteract the forces set against her winning the game. Camera angles and split frames show that these two are a pair, emotionally and visually.

The most amazing thing about 'Run Lola Run' is that so much depth and action has been managed in a mere 80 minutes. What's so incredible about the film is the intelligence that Tykwer brings to the script. As Lola repeats her attempts at securing the money she passes the same people and the same places but at a slightly different time, these few seconds making all the difference to the outcome of the subsequent events. The different outcomes touch on some heavyweight themes but Tykwer wisely leaves them to float around, rather then forcing them upon us. No description of 'Run Lola Run', no matter the depth, can convey its true impact when viewing it on a cinema screen.

'Run Lola Run' will leave you out of breath and wishing it wasn't over so quickly. It's a suitable balance between those annoying films which require you to spend all of your time thinking instead of watching, and those brainless blockbusters. 'Run Lola Run' is a romantic action film without the explosions. With its extensive amount of thrills and fun, this is one film that you definitely cannot miss! ! 772 words.