From Rags to Riches: How Joseph Conquered All Joseph is an inspiration. He is a model for how mankind should live their lives. Genesis tells a story of how this young boy conquered trials and tribulations and progressed from a follower to the leader of many men. Despite the demanding events he endured, Joseph still forgave betrayal, maintained virtuous when wrongly accused, helped the lesser to recognize their visions, and pulled his family from low to high. Joseph is a testament of how morality and forgiveness can lift the humble into the highest glory. The wrongly accused can be defensive and vengeful.

Often they are full of the unforgiving resentment and self-pity that can only make a difficult situation worse. However, Joseph was not. Potiphar's wife managed to have Joseph imprisoned when he refused to lay with her; an accusation that could have had him put to death were his ethics not held in the highest regard by Potiphar. Joseph showed forgiveness and composure, even when his life is threatened, and this might have been the only thing that saved him from the cruelest fate. While imprisoned on these false charges, Joseph proves his resolve in morality again when he meets the men who share his misery. Impervious to his own gray circumstances, he worried himself only with the lament of two others.

The Pharaoh's butler and baker now accompanied Joseph, and he saw more in their eyes than just sorrow. Joseph inquired of their sadness, "And Joseph came in unto them in the morning, and looked upon them, and, behold, they were sad... And he asked the Pharaoh's officers... 'Wherefore look ye so sadly to day?' " (Genesis 37, 40). It is then that Joseph revealed to them the true source of their grief; the virtuous meanings behind the dreams that were haunting them. Joseph shows the reader he was unaffected by his own demise and concentrates only on the way of the Lord.

He is truly righteous in his intentions. Joseph's dead-on interpretations earned him a ticket out of jail and a pass into the good life. Fortunately, it was not only the Pharaoh's servants who were plagued by visions, but the Pharaoh himself, and Joseph was called to make sense of the dreams. Joseph reveals the true meaning behind the Pharaoh's frightening dreams is simply seven years of plenty in Egypt, followed by a could-be devastating seven years of famine.

Weary, on how to handle such a cataclysmic epidemic, the Pharaoh requested Joseph see to it that Egypt remain safe in the upcoming times, and that he sees them through the famine. Joseph's righteous nature had lifted him on high and the Pharaoh said, "Forasmuch as God hath shewed thee all this, there is none so discreet and wise as thou art: thou shalt be over my house, and according unto thy word shall all my people be ruled... ." (Genesis 37, 41), placing Joseph only second in command. Joseph's righteous and honest interpretations found him in a position he could only have dreamed of. The prophecy was true and soon all of Egypt and the surrounding lands had come to collect the rations Joseph had wisely saved over the seven years of plenty.

With these travelers came Joseph's brothers. The men that had abandoned him so many years ago were now unknowingly presented in front of Joseph, who now possessed a power much greater than all of theirs combined. Nonetheless, Joseph sought no revenge, nor did he nurse self-pity. Despite what the weaker man might do in the face of temptation, Joseph forgave his brothers's ins. In the end it is forgiveness that makes Joseph the richer man.

Joseph is proven even more virtuous and forgiving when he reunites with his whole family, abolished of sin and regretful past, and brings them into the life he has earned. Joseph's family and, more importantly, his father, Jacob who missed him dearly, may live out their live with un parallel wealth and privilege. Joseph decides to never live selfishly or irresponsibly because of what he has endured- a true testament of his uprightness. Joseph's virtuous nature and ability to show forgiveness show true staying power despite his unfortunate hardships.

It is because he maintains these sacred qualities that he can experience a life that mirrors dramatically his impoverished background. Though he was betrayed and framed, Joseph conquers his troubles and as a result presents health and glory to his family and all of Egypt. Joseph is unique evidence that a true righteous character and a forgiving soul can turn a servant into a king.