Who is the people call Apache? The word 'Apache " comes from the Yuma word for 'fighting-men.' It also comes from a Zuni word meaning 'enemy.' The Apaches are well known for their superior skills in warfare strategy. Wars continuous among other tribes and invaders from Spain (Apache 1). The Apache Indian was have six main tribal groups, use weapons to fight in war or battles, had different types of game to have fun, to discussion the social and economic patterns, and got more involved with agriculture. Apache is spilt up into six groups. The six regional groups include: the Western Apache, Chiricahua, Mescalero, Jicarilla, Lipan and Kiowa Apache. The Western Apache traditionally occupy most of central Arizona.

The Chiricahua occupy southwestern New Mexico and southeastern Arizona. The Mescalero live east of the Rio Grande in southern New Mexico, with the Pecos River as their eastern border. The Jicarilla range over southeastern Colorado, northern New Mexico, and northwest Texas. The Lipan range from eastern New Mexico and western Texas. The Lipan also occupy territory directly to the east of the Jicarilla. The Kiowa Apache range over the southern plains of Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas (Native Americans 1).

Apaches social and economic patterns are similar to the Navajos. They are the most aggressive southwestern tribes. The most recent Indians settlers were during 11 th Century. Athabasca n speaking Apache and Navajo are closely related.

There culture ranged from the Western Apache group. They resembled the Pueblos and Navajo practice of agriculture and elaboration of mythology (Goetz 337). Women cared for children, gathered edible see and wild plants. They also collected firewood and water, produced clothing home. Men of the family hunted, made weapons, and fought in war. The strongest men became Apache leader.

The authority depends on personal charisma.