I chose to job shadow Rich KIds, a travel consultant because the job is very up to date and fast pace. There is rarely time to fool around or take time off. Characteristics that I have noticed that are a must in this field would be the will to help people and get them to gain your trust, being very punctual with almost everything you do, and having a lot of patience. The margin for error is so small that when things seem to go right, you kind a get worried something is wrong.

The general job description is to provide clients with accurate air, hotel and specialty information. The type of physical work that you may have to do is wrapping packages to be sent away. Products as reels, fishing pools, fishing line, weights, and other accessories are a big part of the physical labor in transportation. The mental toll plays a big part, long hours with a lot of over time and interpreted travel plans. Most of this work is done independently or consulted with other travel professionals in this performance. The Travel Industry has become more competitive so there are more pressure placed on a timely transfer of information and timely processing's of confirmations.

My pace is dictated by each day's situations. The type of technology used are computers and all associated machinery, printers, scanners, copiers, fax and phone, and internet or cable connection. Many recommendations I found to be very valuable is to make a dedication to competency pay strict attention to even the smallest detail and form the work ethic and processes to insure that the client will be taken care of in every aspect of his or her request. The trust between the clients is extremely imperative for the amount of confusion that come with the job, the travel changes, and airlines. Some advantages of the job are that the work environment is largely a happy one with a consistent but manageable face. The opportunity to travel at highly reduced or complimentary fares.

Rewarded for a good job with extra time off as well as trips and stays at some of the finest properties in the world. On the other hand some disadvantages are some days when the hours are long and there are circumstances which occur that can destroy the best made plans and confirmations. This often results in the client's unsatisfaction and when this happens due to factors outside their control it is difficult to deal with the failure. This business is transitional during this time. Many travel-related businesses have failed as a result of nine eleven and a combination of economic factors. The most efficient businesses are in position to control the market and they feel good about the future any there changes to advance in this industry..