Great Expectations By Charles Dickens Stephanie Felix Summary Chapter 1 The main character, Philip Pir rip, is called Pip. He is an orphan who lives in the marsh country in England with his older sister, who is married to the blacksmith Joe. One night when Pip is in the churchyard where his parents are buried, he is surprised by a man dressed in rags with chains on his legs. The man is an escaped convict.

The convict asks Pip some questions then demands that Pip bring him food and a file to cut off the chains. Chapter 2 Pip is afraid not to do what the convict wants, so he goes to his sister's house, gets some bread and butter and puts it is one leg of his pants, but he can't leave right away because it is Christmas Eve. Pip calls his sister Mrs. Joe, and she is not very nice to him, but Joe the blacksmith is kind. Early the next morning, Pip goes to the pantry and gets some food for the convict then gets a file from Joe's blacksmith shop and goes back to find the convict. Chapter 3 While looking for the convict, Pip finds a different convict who hits him and runs off.

Pip then finds the first convict gives him the food and is kind to him. The convict gets upset when Pip tells him about the other convict he ran into. Pip then goes back home. Chapter 4 When he gets home Pip feels guilty for helping the convict.

He thinks the police will be waiting for him when he gets home, but they aren't. Later, during the Christmas dinner, the police come to Joe's house and Pip is afraid. Chapter 5 Pip thinks the police are after him, but they just want Joe to fix some handcuffs. The police tell Pip and Joe that they are searching for two escaped convicts, and the Pip and Joe agree to help hunt for the convicts. Pip feels sort of worried about the convict he helped. Later they find the two convicts fighting with each other in the marsh.

The convicts are captured and the one Pip helped covers for Pip by saying he stole the food and file by himself. The convicts are then taken to a prison ship. Chapter 6 Joe then carries Pip home, and they finish their Christmas dinner. Pip then goes to bed and Joe tells about catching the convicts. Pip continues to feel guilty about helping the convict and for not telling Joe about it. Chapter 7 For a while after the incident with the convict, Pip is still feeling guilty but is involved in learning to read and write.

Joe is illiterate and is impressed by Pip's writing and while they were talking Uncle Pumblechook comes in and tells Pip the he has arranged for Pip to go play at Miss Havisham's house. Miss Havisham is a rich old lady who lives in the area. Mrs. Joe and Uncle Pumblechook say this will make Pip's fortune, and they send him home with Uncle Pumblechook before he goes to Miss Havisham's. Chapter 8 Pip stays with Uncle Pumblechook and at 10: 00 am the next day goes to Miss Havisham's house. The gate is locked, and a very pretty girl named Estella opens it.

She is rude to Uncle Pumblechook and he leave when Pip goes inside. She leads him through the large house to Miss Havisham's room. Miss Havisham is a thin old woman wearing a faded old wedding dress. Her room is full of clocks stopped at twenty minutes to nine.

Estella leaves, and Miss Havisham tells Pip to play, but Pip is sort of nervous and hesitates so Miss Havisham tells him to call Estella. Estella returns, and plays cards with Pip, but she is rude and criticizes Pip for being low class and having poor manners. Miss Havisham is amused that Pip seems to be infatuated with Estella. Chapter 9 When Pip gets home, he lies about his experience at Miss Havisham's House. He makes up a story about Estella feeding him cake and dogs fighting over a veal cutlet in a silver basket. He feels guilty about lying to Joe and tells him the truth later.

Joe is surprised that Pip lied, and tells him that he will succeed only if he takes an honest path. Pip is determined to remember Joe's words, but he imagines that Estella would find Joe very common. Chapter 10 Pip begins to think about improving himself and his social standing and decides to get help form his sensible friend Biddy. Later when Pip goes to the pub to get Joe, he sees a strange man stirring his drink with a file like the one he gave the convict. When they were leaving the pub, the stranger gave Pip two pounds, which Pip later gave to his sister.

This causes Pip to worry that someone will find out that he helped the convict. Chapter 11 Not long after seeing the man in the pub, Pip is goes back to Miss Havisham's, where he meets some people visiting her on her birthday. He meets a burly man of an exceedingly dark complexion on the stairs, who gives him a hard time. Pip then plays cards with Estella again. After that he goes down to the garden where he meets a pale young gentleman. The pale young gentleman asks Pip to fight and they fight.

Pip knocks the young gentleman down, and Estella tells him he can kiss her, so Pip kisses her on the cheek. Pip goes home, and is upset that Estella looks down on him. Chapter 12 Pip is afraid he will be in trouble for fighting, but the fight is not mentioned the next time he goes to Miss Havisham's. Pip visits Miss Havisham's regularly for the next few months.

He pushes Miss Havisham around in her wheelchair, begins to think that Miss Havisham intends to help him become a well to do gentleman. He is still impressed with Estella and doesn't realize that Miss Havisham is encouraging Estella to torment him. Pip starts to grow apart from his family and becomes closer to Biddy than Joe. Pip is beginning to feel ashamed of Joe for being so common. Later, when Miss Havisham offers to help Pip with the indenture that would make Pip Joe's apprentice, and he is very upset because he finally realizes she really never intended to make him a gentleman. Chapter 13 When Joe goes to Miss Havisham's house to complete Pip's apprenticeship papers; he is completely out of place and Estella laughs at him and Pip.

Miss Havisham gives Pip twenty-five pounds, and Pip and Joe go to the Town Hall to finalize the apprenticeship. They then go out to dinner to celebrate, but Pip is upset and disappointed with his life. Chapter 14 Pip starts working in Joe's blacksmith shop and begins to grow up. He hates being Joe's apprentice, but out of consideration for Joe, he keeps his feelings to himself. As time goes on Pip thinks about Estella and wishes he was still going to Miss Havisham's.

Chapter 15 Pip tried to continue to improve himself and expand his knowledge, and even tried to teach Joe to read. One day, Pip mentioned to Joe that he thought he should visit Miss Havisham again, but Joe told him it wasn't a good idea. However, Pip decided he would do what he wanted. Joe's helper, Orlick, treated Pip terribly and made his life miserable. Once when Pip was very young, Orlick told him that the devil lived in a corner of the forge. One day Pip's sister, Mrs.

Joe, got in a fight with Orlick and Joe had to come to her aide and beat Orlick in the fight. Pip went to Miss Havisham's but was disappointed to find out that Estella had been sent abroad. He then went to Pumblechook's for the evening, and on the way home, he saw Orlick in the shadows and heard guns fire from the prison ships. When Pip got home, he found out that Mrs. Joe has been attacked and would never be the same and was now an invalid. Chapter 16 Pip felt really guilty when he learned that convicts with leg irons that had been filed through were suspected of the attack on his sister.

The identity of the attacker is not discovered. Mrs. Joe is now unable to talk, but draws the letter "T" over and over. Pip thinks the "T" represents a hammer figures she is referring to Orlick. Orlick is brought to Mrs. Joe.

Pip thinks she will identify him as her attacker, but she doesn't. Instead she seems friendly. Chapter 17 Biddy came to help take care of Mrs. Joe. Pip went Miss Havisham's again, but didn't like it much without Estella. Pip talks to Biddy about his dissatisfaction with the things in his life.

Pip is sort of attracted to Biddy, but he only tells her about his secret love for Estella. Biddy tells him he shouldn't bother with Estella. Pip then gets mad at her, but he still gets annoyed when Orlick shows interest in her. Chapter 18 One night at the pub a strange man begins asking questions about a murder case Wopsle was reading about aloud from the newspaper. Pip recognizes him as the man he met on the stairs at Miss Havisham's.

Finally the man says he is a lawyer named Jaggers. Then he goes home with Pip and Joe where he explains that Pip is about to inherit fortune. He then says Pip's education as a gentleman is to begin immediately in London. Jaggers tells Pip that the person who is leaving him the fortune wants to remain secret. Pip can never be told the name of his benefactor. Pip assumes that his benefactor is Miss Havisham, since he first met Jaggers at her house, and his new tutor will be Matthew Pocket, Miss Havisham's cousin.

Joe is sad that Pip will be leaving, but he refuses to accept money from Jaggers's. Biddy is also very sad. Pip becomes snobbish and thinks he is too good for them, when he sees Joe and Biddy together he feels sorry he is leaving them. Chapter 19 The next day Pip starting to become anxious to go to London, and wasn't too concerned about Joe and Biddy. He tried to comfort Joe, but his heart wasn't in it, and Biddy scolded him for it.

Pip visited Miss Havisham one last time, and since she knew so much about what had happened to him, he certain that Miss Havisham was his anonymous benefactor. After Pip finally leaves for London he regrets having behaved so badly toward the people who loved him most. Chapter 20 When Pip gets to London he is surprised by the stench and the congestion. Jaggers seems to be important and lots of people are waiting to see him. Pip meets Jaggers's clerk, Wemmick. Chapter 21 Wemmick introduces Pip to Herbert Pocket, who is the son of Pip's new tutor.

Pip is to spend the night with Herbert. The soon become friends. Herbert hopes to become a shipping merchant. They soon realize that Herbert was the pale young gentleman that Pip fought with at Miss Havisham's. Chapter 22 Pip wants Herbert to help him become a gentleman, and so they agree to live together. Herbert corrects Pip's table manners, gives him the nickname "Handel." Herbert tells Pip all about Miss Havisham.

When Miss Havisham was young, her family fortune was squandered by her half brother, and she fell in love with a man from a lower social class. They planned to get married and he convinced her to buy her half brother's share of the family brewery at an inflated price. Then on their wedding day, the man stood her up. He sent her a note which Miss Havisham received at twenty minutes to nine, the time that she stopped all her clocks.

It appeared that Miss Havisham's fianc'e had conspired with her half brother and that they split the money from the brewery sale. Later, Miss Havisham adopted Estella, but Herbert did not know the details. Chapter 23 The next day, Pip went to the Royal Exchange, then went to Matthew Pocket's house to be tutored and to have dinner. The Pockets' home was very busy. Matthew was absentminded but kind, and his wife was ambitious but not from the upper class. The children were being raised by the nurse.

Pip had two fellow students. Bentley Drummle was a future baronet, and was unpleasant. The other student was a young man named Startop who was sort of delicate. Chapter 24 Pip returns to Jaggers's office and becomes friends with Wemmick, who invites him to dinner.

Pip sees Jaggers in court and is impressed with the power of his speeches. Chapter 25 Pip gets to know his fellow students and the Pockets and goes to dinner at both Wemmick's and Jaggers's. The Wemmick house is like something out of a dream. Pip thinks that Wemmick's personality changes when he gets home. At home he is happy and cheerful, at work he is all business.

Chapter 26 Jaggers's house is rather depressing. He only has a dreary housekeeper, named Molly. Pip's fellow students go to dinner at Jaggers's with Pip, and Pip and Drummle argue over a loan Drummle borrowed from Startop. Jaggers warns Pip that he should stay away from Drummle. Chapter 27 When Joe visits Pip in London, Pip thinks Joe will disapprove of his lifestyle and Drummle will look down on him because of Joe.

Joe's visit doesn't go too well. Joe tells Pip the news from home, but Pip isn't very interested until Joe says that Estella has returned and wants to see Pip. This improves Pip's attitude, but Joe then. Chapter 28 Pip goes home to apologize to Joe and see Estella if he can. On the trip Pip has to share the coach with two convicts.

One of them the stranger who gave Pip money in the pub. The convict does not recognize Pip but, Pip overhears him explaining that the convict Pip helped long ago asked him to give the money to Pip. Pip is upset when he hears this and gets off the coach. When Pip gets to his hotel, he finds out that Pumblechook is taking credit for his good fortune. Chapter 29 The next day Pip goes to Miss Havisham's when he finds Orlick, who is now Miss Havisham's porter. When he sees Estella, he is dazzled by her beauty.

Despite his improved status, Pip feels inadequate around her. Miss Havisham gives Pip a hard time. Pip walks with Estella in the garden, but she is indifferent. Back in the house, he finds Jaggers and is uncomfortable. Chapter 30 Pip tells Jaggers about Orlick's history, and Jaggers fires him.

Pip is then teased by the tailor's apprentice. Pip is down when he returns to London. Herbert tries to cheer him up and also tells him that Miss Havisham does not intend for him to marry Estella. Herbert says he is also in love and, his fianc " ee is named Clara, but he is too poor to get married. Chapter 31 Pip and Herbert go to a theater, where Wopsle plays Hamlet.

Pip takes Wopsle to dinner after the play, but he is still in a bad mood. Chapter 32 Estella sends Pip a note telling him to meet her in London at a train station. Pip arrives very early and runs into Wemmick. Wemmick takes Pip on a tour of Newgate Prison. Pip feels uncomfortable, but Wemmick is relaxed. He introduces Pip to a man who has been sentenced to death by hanging.

Chapter 33 Pip meets Estella and she is arrogant toward him, but he is excited because he feels they are destined to be married. Pip escorts Estella to the house where she is staying, and returns to the Pockets' house. Chapter 34 Pip feels guilty about the way he has treated Joe and Biddy, and thinks he has been a bad influence on Herbert. The two men are reviewing their debts when a letter arrives with the news that Mrs. Joe has died.

Chapter 35 Pip is surprised at who upset and sad he is about his sister's death. He goes home for the funeral. He tries to improve his relationship with Joe and Biddy. Biddy is not sure about Pip's actions.

The next day Pip says goodbye to them and walks into the mist. Chapter 36 Pip finally turns twenty-one, which means he is an adult and will get regular income directly from his fortune rather than having to go to Jaggers for his money. Pip is excited, because he hopes that Jaggers can now tell him who his benefactor is. In spite of Herbert's warning, Pip is certain that it is Miss Havisham and that she intends for him to marry Estella. When Pip talks to Jaggers, Jaggers is strictly business and only tells Pip that his income will be five hundred pounds a year and Jaggers refuses to take responsibility for anything else.

For some strange reason, this conversation reminds Pip of his meeting with the convict in the graveyard so long ago. Pip invites Jaggers to him at his birthday dinner, but Jaggers's presence makes the evening a little depressing for Pip and Herbert. Chapter 37 When he gets his income, Pip wants to help Herbert get into the merchant business. Pip asks Wemmick for advice.

Wemmick first tells Pip not to help Herbert, but later, at the Castle Wemmick happily gives Pip the opposite advice and agrees to help Pip with it. They find a merchant willing to take in a partner, and Pip buys Herbert the partnership. Pip does this anonymously, so then Herbert, like Pip, does not know his benefactor. Chapter 38 Pip spends a lot of time with Estella in London at the house of Mrs. Bradley where Estella is staying, but Estella doesn't consider him a serious suitor. Instead he goes everywhere with Estella watching her treat her other suitors rudely while she mostly ignores him.

He doesn't understand why Miss Havisham doesn't announce their engagement. Pip and Estella visit Miss Havisham, and for the first time, Pip friction between Miss Havisham and Estella: Miss Havisham encourages Estella on to break men's hearts, but Estella is cold toward Miss Havisham. Pip then learns that Drummle is courting Estella. Pip is upset and asks Estella about it, but she doesn't take seriously. She tells Pip he is the only suitor she doesn't try to deceive and entrap. This upsets Pip even more.

Chapter 39 Some time later when Pip is twenty-three, he hears footsteps on his stairs. An old sailor comes into Pip's room. Pip isn't very friendly to him until he recognizes him. It is Pip's convict, from the cemetery and the marsh when Pip was a boy. Pip is shocked as he learns the truth. The convict eventually went to Australia, where he made a huge fortune.

Because of Pip's kindness to him on the marsh, the man arranged to use his wealth to help Pip become a gentleman. The convict, not Miss Havisham, was Pip's secret benefactor. Pip realized he was not meant to marry Estella at all. Pip then learns that the convict is still running from the law, and if he is caught, he could be put to death. Pip realizes that though the convict's story has been a shock and a big let down, he has a duty to help his benefactor. Pip feeds the man and lets him stay for the night, since Herbert is away.

Pip is very nervous about what has happen and when looks in on the convict, he sees a pistol on his pillow. The next day he awake up early to stormy weather. Chapter 40 Pip trips over a man on his staircase. He runs for the watchman, but when they return the man is gone.

Pip then talks to the convict, who says his name is Abel Magwitch. Pip decides it would be safer to call Magwitch "Uncle Provis," an name Magwitch made up on the trip from Australia to England. Pip goes to Jaggers to confirm Magwitch's story. Magwitch stays at Pip's apartment and embarrasses Pip with his bad manners and rough speech. Chapter 41 After a few days Herbert returns home. Magwitch leaves, and Herbert and Pip discuss what has happened.

They decide that Pip should no longer take Magwitch's money. They also decide Pip should take Magwitch out of the country where he will be safe. Chapter 42 The next day, Magwitch tells Pip and Herbert his story. He was an orphan and lived a life of crime out of desperation.

As a young man, he met a gentleman criminal named Compeyson and fell under his influence. Compeyson had driven another accomplice, Arthur, into alcoholism and madness. Magwitch said that Arthur was driven mad by the memory of a wealthy woman he and Compeyson had victimized. He said that when he and Compeyson were caught, Compeyson turned against him, using his gentleman's manners to obtain a light sentence.

Magwitch wanted revenge, and Compeyson was the man Pip saw him fighting with that night on the marsh. At that point, Herbert passed Pip a note. The note says that Arthur was Miss Havisham's half brother and Compeyson was the man who stood her up on their wedding day. Chapter 43 Pip is ashamed that his social status came from such a rough, low class man.

Pip decides that he must leave Estella forever. After an unpleasant run in with Drummle at the inn, Pip goes to Miss Havisham's to see Miss Havisham and Estella one last time. Chapter 44 Miss Havisham admits that she allowed Pip to think she was his benefactor, and then she agrees to provide help to Herbert since Pip can no longer use his money. Pip finally tells Estella he loves her, but she coldly says that she has decided to marry Drummle. Pip is so upset that he walks all the way back to London. As he gets close to home he gets a note from Wemmick, tht says "don't go home." Chapter 45 Pip is afraid to go home, so he spends a night at an inn.

The next day Wemmick tells Pip that he found out from Jaggers's office that Compeyson was looking for Magwitch. Wemmick says that Herbert took Magwitch to Clara's house, so Pip leaves to go there. Chapter 46 At Clara's house Pip discovers that Clara's father is a drunk and he is glad that he has helped Clara and Herbert get away from him. Pip finds Magwitch and is surprised that he is concerned about Magwitch's safety. Herbert and Pip talk about sneaking Magwitch out on the river. Pip even considers staying with Magwitch after their escape.

Pip buys a rowboat and keeps an eye out for Compeyson. Chapter 47 Pip is waiting to send Magwitch downriver. Despite Pip's improved feelings about Magwitch, he feels he must not spend any more of Magwitch's money, so he goes into debt. He figures Estella must have married Drummle by now, but he doesn't want to think about it. He is worried about Magwitch. Pip went to the theater to relax, but Wopsle tells him that one of the convicts from the marsh was in the audience behind him.

Pip now knows that Compeyson must be following him. Chapter 48 Jaggers has Pip to dinner, and gives him a note from Miss Havisham. When Jaggers's housekeeper Molly comes in, Pip realizes that Molly is the person Estella resembles. He realizes that Molly must be Estella's mother.

Pip questions Wemmick about Molly, and he learns that Molly was accused of killing a woman over her common-law husband and murdering her daughter to hurt him. Pip is sure that Estella is Molly's lost daughter. Chapter 49 When Pip goes to see Miss Havisham, she feels guilty for having encouraged Estella to break his heart. Miss Havisham starts to cry and clings to Pip's feet, begging him to forgive her. Pip is kind to her, but then goes for a walk in the garden. There, he has a feeling that Miss Havisham is dead.

He looks up at her window just in time to see her go too near the fire and get caught in the flames. Pip rushes in to save her, and smothers the fire with the tablecloth. Miss Havisham lives, but is an invalid. Pip stays with her after the doctors leave, then the next morning, he leaves and returns to London. Chapter 50 Pip was severely burned saving Miss Havisham. When Herbert changes Pip's bandages, they agree that they have both grown like Magwitch a little better.

Herbert tells Pip the part of Magwitch's story that he originally left out, about the woman in his past. The story is the same as the story of Jaggers's housekeeper, Molly. Pip then figures out that Magwitch, was Molly's common-law husband and so he must be Estella's father. Chapter 51 Pip is now determined to find out the rest of the story.

Pip goes to see Jaggers and eventually manages get him to tell him what happened. the truth of Estella's parentage. Pip cannot convince Jaggers until he appeals to Wemmick's kinder side to help him. Jaggers is so happy to find that Wemmick has a kinder side that he confirms that Estella is Molly's daughter, though he didn't know about Magwitch. Chapter 52 Pip leaves to finalize Herbert's partnership and learns that Herbert is to be transferred to the Middle East. Herbert fantasizes about taking Clara to the land of the Arabian Nights.

Pip gets a message from Wemmick saying that they need to be ready to leave with Magwitch in two days. Pip then finds an anonymous threat against "Uncle Provis," that orders him to secretly go to the marshes. Pip goes to the inn near his old home, and remembers how badly he has treated Joe since he became a gentleman. Pip regrets the loss of Joe's friendship the most.

That night, with his arm still injured from the fire, Pip goes the meeting on the marshes.