Gulliver's travel is a written by Jonathan Swift. It is the adventure of the narrator, Gulliver. He is a surgeon who fails in his business so he decides to take these trips. Gulliver in his adventure goes to four different places. The first trip is to Lilliput.

It's the country of tiny people. The imprison him and use him as their army against their enemy, the neighbor country Blefuscu. The conflict between these two countries begins over the differences in the best way to break the egg. Lilliputian are hospitable and kind to Gulliver.

But they also use him. When the royal palace burn, they ask Gulliver to put out the fire so he put it out with his urine. It is treason in Lilliput so they decide to shot his eyes and blind him. So Gulliver escape to Blefuscu, where he repair an old boat and said to England Gulliver's next voyage is to the giant's land, Brobdingnag. In the giant's land a farmer find him and he treat him as an animal.

Then he sell him to the queen, who uses him as a tool for amusement and enjoy his musical talents. The live there is not enjoyable for Gulliver. When two ladies let him dance on their naked body, he feels disguise because of their enormous skin pores. Gulliver is amused by the ignorance of the people there, even the king knows nothing about politic. Also Gulliver doesn't like the big animals which endanger his life.

Gulliver leaves Brobdingnag when his cage is opened by an eagle and dropped into a sea Gulliver sails again but he is attacked by pirates and ends up in Laputa. Laputa is the island of scientists who oppress Balnibarbi. The scientific researches seem totally insane and the scientists also seem to be insane and not realistic. Gulliver takes a trip to Glubbubdrib, where Gulliver see the conjuring up of historical characters. Then he visits Luggnaggians and Struldburg where they have the potion of life.

He learns that aging don't bring wisdom. Then he is able to sail to Japan and then back to England Finally, on his fourth journey, he ends up in Houyhnhnms, which is ruled by rational thinking horses and yahoos who serve the horses. Gulliver learns their language and when he is able to speak it, he tells them about England. He is treated with kindness by the horses and they also teach him their nobel culture. He likes them and he wants to stay with them but when they see his body and its like the yahoos, he is banished. He leaves in grieve to a nearby island and he us picked up by a Portuguese ship which takes him back home to England..