Betrayal has played a major role throughout society for many years; this shows true in the play "Hamlet" and also in my own life. In contrast there are many friendships that show loyalty. Hamlet struggles with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern because they betray him more then once. In the time of need for Hamlet Horatio sticks through and shows Hamlet he cares. I have been through betrayal with a friend and in the time of hurt you need someone like Horatio to be at your side as a true friend would.

My situation was a slightly different then Hamlets but gives the same idea. Middle school years are always the hardest for teens. Everyone always worries about being the coolest and having the most friends. In middle school I hung out with the most popular girl. She was considered my best friend or that's what I thought she was.

We would do everything together to dressing the same and having our hair the same. Lets just say I wanted to be her. I knew she made some bad decisions but that did not matter to me, she was the coolest and I was friends with her, so doing whatever she did kept me in the cool group. She stopped liking me one day and decided she wanted a new best friend. I was left alone; because I did everything with her there were not many people that wanted to be friends with me. She made rumors about me and ignored me like we never knew each other.

In a way that is like Hamlets story, He trusted Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, they were supposed to be his friends, but they betrayed him to become more popular with the King. There is much betrayal in this country, people betray somebody everyday just by talking about him or her behind their back. I had one other friend, Laura Peterson. I have known her since we were four and I knew I could turn to her. She always knows what to say and in times of need you can count on her to be at your side. I left Laura my whole middle school years to be with that one friend that I thought would never leave.

Laura still took me back and forgave me. That shows that Laura is not just a friend she is a true friend that I can count on having forever. In Hamlets situation he did not have anyone, everyone turned on him to be respected by the King. Horatio chose to be with Hamlet then turn to the King. He is honest and loyal and would make sacrifices for Hamlet as Laura would for me. In these days you really cannot find many friends that wont betray you, but most people have one or two friends that they can count on to always be there for them.

Even though Hamlet goes through hard times with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern he has Horatio by his side and he finds out what a true friend really means. I know the deference between a true friend and a friend, a true friend is honest and loyal and does not talk behind your back, and listens to you when you have something to say and just gives their all to make you happy. I have watched friends go and come in my life but Laura has stayed, we have been through hard times but we have so much that we can get through them. I know she will always be there and I know I will always be there for her.

Hamlet always has Horatio in his life and does not need to worry about the friends that betray him.