Manuel Santiago Hamlet The quote I chose for this essay appears in scene two from act I. "In my minds eye, Horatio." This in essence implies Hamlet's imagination. He uses the quote when Horatio and Marcellus travel to visit Hamlet and to pay respect for his father's, the recent king, sudden death. Hamlet, filled with glee to see his friends, greets them. He also mentions how they have come to witness his mother's wedding with his uncle Claudius, who in fact is his father's murderer, taking place two months after his father's death. The quote indicates Hamlets vivid imagination when he sees his father as a ghost.

Horatio concurs with Hamlet saying he too saw the ghost. Both of them remember his father as a goodly man. It explains why they see him dressed in armor and with great detail. The quote is eloquently put by a precisely ideal choice of words. His mind's eye, connoting his imagination is as vivid as his sight. Sounds sort of schizophrenic because he later encounters the ghost where only he can see it and his mother cannot.

As witty as the quote sounds it's highly graceful and extremely descriptive. It can be used in any sort of play, movie title, or novels. Is a vastly evocative metaphor about how the human mind operates, which not only makes it substantially graceful, but universally understandable by the masses of Shakespeare and non-Shakespeare readers.