Graduating high school and attending college is one of the many changes a young adult experiences in their lifetime. High school and college have various differences and similarities. In high school everyone was similar in a myriad of ways. There was not much ethnic diversity. As a result, students dressed and acted similarly. Students had their own individuality; however were not exposed to other cultures.

In a typical college, you may be exposed to many different cultures. For example, in my sociology class there are a variety of cultures. Blacks, White, Asian, and German are among the different cultures I have been exposed to upon entering college. Upon entering college, a freshman may be intimidated by the many factors. Stepping out of high school into college can be a significant change to many. An incoming college freshman may be intimidated by the size of the campus.

Unlike college, high school is one building. Freshmen must learn to make their way around campus to attend lectures. College has a larger population and it may take some time to get use to the diverse students. The college experience is like a newborn. Freshmen must learn to survive in their new surroundings.

The student may possibly be taken out of his typical comfort zone is reference to his peers. High school and college have various differences, but also have similarities. Perseverance was needed in high school and is essential to college. Hard work is required if you want to succeed in both high school and college.

High school and college allows students to exercise their first amendment right to voice their opinions. A variety of student activities, clubs, and organizations allow students to express their opinions and concerns. These outlets are available to high school as well as college students. They show how students can make a difference, no matter what level of instruction. Students will always experience change, but high school and college will always have common problems and solutions.

Life is full of changes. The transition from high school to college is one of the many changes a young adult will face in their lifetime; however there are similarities which many young adults share. Among these similarities are hard work and persistence. They are the key to reaching your goals and being successful..