With the evolution of Information Technology in the past ten years, IT has been widely used in Education undoubtedly. How is learning if English being affected? in this essay, I shall discuss the pros and cons of using IT in learning English. One clear advantage of using IT to learn English is that it provides assistance in learning English with an untiring tutor. Many English CD-ROMS provide students with answer key and explanation. this facilitates set-learning.

It can also enhance communication in English. Students can communicate with one another through mail. It offers a more authentic apportunity for communication in English. IT indeed can facilitate the development of language skills and language development strategies. Some programs can turn mechanical and boring pronunciation drills to interesting games which students enjoy playing. They will then develop positive attitude towards English.

No doubt, It can provide a motivating and interesting atmosphere in learning English. Despite all these advantages, there are also quite a number of limitations. IT may limit students' apportunuties to develop social and interpersonal skills. When they grow up, they may not know how to communicate with others in the workplace because of the lack of oral practice. Another disadvantage of using IT is that students may depend too much on IT. Students may ignore the drafting and revision processes of writing if they use some advanced word processors which include the function of auto-grammar check.

Last but not least, the use of IT in teaching will certainly increase teachers' burd an. It is time-consuming for teachers to prepare teaching materials, especially if the teacher is not familiar with IT. In conclusion, there are abviously both the advantages and disadvantages of using IT to learn English. However, as a student studying in EMI school, I strongly support the use of IT to learn English. IT teaching is much more interesting then the traditional way of teaching.