My understandings of the consequences of change have been shaped by different texts that I have studied. Change is to make or become different, to replace with or exchange for another and to transform or convert or to be transformed or converted. Simple and easily understood meanings of the concept of change. Changing worlds is viewing to separate worlds and studying the difference between the worlds, comparing certain aspects that you would not see in one world but would see in another. Star Wars is a film that for its time was absolutely astounding, the special effects that were created by the creator, director and producer George Lucas display a type of film creation that was unseen before a unique story line filled with action and adventure which captured the audience's attention and had them on the edge of their seats. Luke Skywalker a young adult, nineteen or so years old is scripted as the main character in Star Wars.

Luke's Character represents a very honest and loving person, he lost his parents when he was young then his uncle and aunt were killed by the "Dark Forces." This led Luke to be trained by a wise and skilled Jedi, Luke learnt the skills of a Jedi and he himself became a defender of the Star Wars universe, Luke became a Jedi and targeted to defeat evil, Darth Vader whose forces killed his only family. Star Wars gives a literal meaning to Changing Worlds, this is displayed by George Lucas in the fact that he specifically targeted when developing the film, he constructed the world of Star Wars without our world, Earth. There is no planet Earth in the film nor is their anything relevant to our world, everything in Star Wars is a new creation, new planets, new technologies and new creators, new meaning never seen or heard of before, before Star Wars there was no such thing as a Jedi who defended the innocent against evil and there was no such thing as a Death Star. This shows the literal change from our world to the Star Wars world. George Lucas's Star Wars is a representation of a future world, a world filled with alien life forms, highly intelligent life forms, unknown mysterious planets and space travel beyond our comprehension. What George Lucas attempted to create was a movie representing a futuristic and intergalactic highly advanced world, which he created very admirably, thus is plan for the Star Wars films were a success.

George Lucas bought his dream to life. This film displays a change in worlds, this change id linked by the difference in our worlds and the world of Star Wars. This link is created by the analyzing of the two worlds, these worlds being our world and the films world. In the film there are Jedi's and several types of alien species, whereas our world doesn't have Jedi's nor alien life forms. This changes the perception of the viewer and this is what George Lucas intended when developing the movie.

Star Wars, created by George Lucas has shaped consequences of change by showing a totally different universe, a universe where "our world" earth does not exist, a universe that is only imaginable in our wildest dreams. Lucas has a very unique way of attracting the audience though it is exceptionally effective and will change the viewer's perception of the world we live in today. "Sturt's Dreaming" is a text, poem out of the 2001 and 2002 HSC stimulus booklet and is about a topographical explorer by the name as Captain Charles Sturt, this text is in the form of a poem. Sturt's Dreaming describes Sturt is a very upstanding gentlemen who has a passion for exploring and charting terrain that has never before been walked upon. Sturt set out into the centre of Australia in the search of an inland sea. It describes him and his stead fast men walking up and down sand dunes in absolutely goorching conditions, how a canoe was being pulled up and down over the sand dunes on top of a cart which its wheels were sinking into the sand of the Simpson Desert as if it were quicksand.

Obviously there is no inland see in Australia only an overwhelming amount of sand, however Sturt believed there was an inland sea and followed overhead flying birds believing that they were flying to an inland sea, as Sturt's men moved up and down the sand dune aboriginals were befuddled on the fact that they had a canoe and they were pulling it to the centre of Australia, where there was nothing but sand. This shows us that during the time period of Sturt's expedition there was no knowledge of the topography of inland Australia and as displayed by Sturt many people believed that deep in the Australian desert there appeared an inland sea. It is also shown that even though the aborigines knew the land that Sturt was exploring and had vast knowledge of the topography of the land, Sturt or his steadfast did not bother to ask them on there knowledge of the land, this displays just some of the disrespect that early Australian settlers displayed towards Australian natives. "Sturt Dreaming" shows how over time people can change their perception of something else in this case that being the topography of the Australian desert, also the aboriginal people. Two Hundred years ago many people believed deep in Australia's Simpson Desert there was a sea and that they were superior and smarter to aborigines, in present times this is nor so. This text by it self changes the perception of the viewer, it changes the viewers thoughts on certain early Australian explorers.

It shows how people over one hundred years ago thought. Bruce Lundgren, the composer of "Sturt's Dreaming." Shows us as a viewer Sturt was following a dream never to be completed successfully, a dream will only end in disappointment and death of his foot soldiers that have no food to eat or water drink because what Sturt and his men are looking for does not exist. Imagining what it was like to have to explore a landscape by no means other than by tracking it with human abilities and how on our days technical radars and satellites can accurately plot any position on the globe over vast area in a few minutes. For a time span of only one hundred and fifty years from when Sturt first set of on his treacherous expedition to our modern day society as we live in now.

If only Sturt could see how wrong he was and how we would topographically map a sector of land today. This changes our perception of the world from one hundred and fifty years ago to now. The Matrix is seen as a terrific special affects sci-fi movie with kick-boxing, gun fights, and technology. The good guys fight the bad guys. It is an example of postmodernism. The Matrix a new film based in our current time period and technologies, it makes us question our world and the reason of living in our world.

Neo is a normal person working a normal job and living a normal life that stumbles across "The Matrix" and find out information about himself and his worlds that he would prefer not to know. He finds out that the world he was living in, our world is just a computer program designed to give our mind the impression that we are living in reality, The Matrix tells us that the life we are living right now is just a part of the mind, a superficial computer program designed to trick our mind into thinking that we are really living when really we are being used by computers as a power source. Neo is selected by morpheas one of the few who know about The Matrix to enter the real world and to destroy The Matrix so people can be free and live there life as a reality and not just a mind mosque. The Matrix can be linked to Star Wars in the way that Neo and Luke Skywalker have a lot in common, they both have been selected to be extensively trained to defeat evil forces, weather it be Darth Vader or The Matrix. These two characters share a lot in common, even though they live in two totally different worlds they were living normal lives until they found out the truth.

In Skywalker case the reality of the evil forces that killed his only family, aforementioned Luke decides to undertake extensive training to become a Jedi. Neo also had a choice of continuing to live a normal life or find out the truth and be forced to confront the enemy. Morpheas, who trains and prepares Neo to delete The Matrix by destroying "Agents" that patrol the programs of the matrix developed by the computers themselves to secure the program from such people as Morpheas and Neo. Obe One Kenobi the experienced Jedi that trains Luke to help him defeat the "Dark forces." Both these characters developed by the script writers have very similar equal roles and are both benefactors in the films. These links are apart of changing worlds, as they show how things from two totally different worlds can be linked. Anybody who has watched The Matrix would have questioned life in general, they would have also questioned in hypothetical terms what if The Matrix is real, what if the story line of the movie was reality, if the story line of the movie was reality that would make our lives just a figment of our imagination and we would literally have no lives.

Not only does The Matrix change the audience's perception bar it also questions their perception of The Matrix. These three texts that have been linked to changing worlds are from the perspective of different directors, producers and script writers. All these different perspectives of change as aforementioned have consequences, just as throwing a stone in a pond has consequences, these consequences are ripples. In change the consequences that are composed and conveyed by the composers risk the chance of changing the viewer's view of the world in general and even though they are just texts they can dramatically affect the life of a viewer or reader. These consequences can be distinguished as positive or negative but in change the consequences are imminent and will be changed by the display of the movie from the techniques use by various composers.