The main character in this story is Huckleberry Finn, Finn is a young boy with many problems going on in life. Huck was in need of a father figure more then any thing else in life. He needed someone to talk to about anything. Huck's Pap was never there for him except maybe to give him a tanning. Huck's Pap thought that he was trying to out do him, because he went to school.

"You " ve put on considerable many frills since I been away. I'll take you down a peg before I get done with you. You think you " re better'n your father, now don't you, because he can't? I'll take it out of you. Who told you you might meddle with such hifalut'n foolishness, hey? -who told you you could" Pap scolded (p, 26). Huck didn't like having to wear nice clothes, or even going to school, but the he had to go.

"Starchy clothes-very. You think you " re a good deal of a big-bug, don't you" Pap asked (p, 26)? Huck would try and be a rebel because he had no male to tell him right from wrong. If Huck needed help the only real person that he could talk to would be Tom Sawyer, a very good friend also a thief, a rebel, and he lived on his own. Tom was not that great of a role model, for a young boy like Huck.

His father was always away, and never there for him, and when he was around he was always drunk. It is hard enough to talk to a drunk man let alone when you have a problem and need advice. The childhood of a young boy is very crucial in what he will be like in his own life. Huckleberry Finn was written to show young males that there are ways of finding someone. Mark Twain has a very unique perspective on the whole subject. He found a way to find love in a place where the reader would never imagine.

Huck's pap came and took him away from the widow and Huck thought that everything would be so much better, but no. The only good thing that came out of it was that he didn't have to go to school. His Pap locked him in the cabin whenever he went away, an if ever did anything wrong he would get a tanning (otherwise known as being spanked). When a young boy is growing up being locked up all the time does not help a young boy to develop into a man. Young boys need a role model to look up to, and if the only role model around is a drunk then you will become a drunk. Huck would see his Pap so drunk and yell at him all the time.

Huck went to school just to spite the old man, but when his Pap found him, Huck sure did get a tanning. Huck would have to get money for his Pap just so that he wouldn't get a tanning. The influence of being abused and being around a drunk person is never the way to grow up. Huck couldn't take the abuse anymore, from being tanned, to being locked in a cabin for days. So he ran away, and planned to never return.

Huck figured out a way to get away from his Pap, the widow and everyone else. Huck was gonna learn to raise himself and become his own role model. Huck had a raft, supplies and his freedom. He felt as if his life could get a whole lot better if he got away from all the abuse. Huck traveled during the night and slept during the day. That's how he found the runaway black man from Miss Watson's.

Huck was resting during the day, and he found a camp fire that was freshly put out. Then while Huck was trying to sleep he heard a noise and out popped Jim. "Hello Jim," I said (p, 55). Huck was so glad that Jim was now there with him. Jim was a very good man that was just never understood, but Huck learned all about him on their voyages down the river. Huck and Jim were inseparable.

They would talk about everything. The only thing that they really did that was a little bad was smoking tobacco. Jim understood why Huck ran away, because of his Pap always beating him. Jim knew what that was like, being a black person and all.

This is the first time that Huck had ever had a male adult to talk to this way. With having a person of Jims intelligence Huck could learn a lot. Huck had someone to look up to, to learn from. Jim and Huck got into some trouble when they thought that they were in Cairo and got separated.

By this time Miss Watson had a two-hundred dollar reward out for him. Jim got captured and Huck was alone, again. Huck found out where Jim was and realized who lived there, and it was Tom Sawyer's aunt. This was the best news that he heard because Tom was suppose to being coming out for a visit and so Huck became Tom, and Tom became Sid.

Together Huck and Tom rescued Jim. Huck was so afraid that he was going to lose Jim, but when Huck was just a black man. Huck actually had an adult that liked him and wanted to help. Huckleberry Finn is a classic story. It shows that Huck can find someone that he can depend on since his father never helped him. Jim became Huck's father in more then one way.

Jim was a very good friend that Huck could talk to about anything. Jim cared so much about Huck, that when Jim was left behind he would miss him so. When Jim was being held captive Huck would do anything to get him freed. Jim and Huck had a very special bond.

They could never be separated ever again. Huck was in need of a father figure and Twain was the author who brought it all to together. Twain used characterization to bring the elements of the literature to life. From Jim being black, and Huck thinking that his father could ever be there for him. Twain gives Huck chances to have Tom Sawyer to be his father figure, but Huck chose Jim. Huck didn't seem to care that Jim was black he still cared about him still the same way as if he were white.

Jim would look out for Huck, and Huck would look out for Jim. If Huck had not cared about Jim he would be back in slavery, and would never have found someone to be his father figure.