In the Dark! This visual argument presents the major problem caused by the blackout. The blackout was not a major concern of our nations politics, but seems to be a huge issue in the latest campaign for political offices. On August 14, 2003, no one would have ever imagined as they worked and went about their daily routines from Michigan to New York that they would be in the dark for numerous days to come. The blackout caused many problems all over the United States. Did someone know this was going to occur and that it possibly could have been avoided? According to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), this blackout could have been avoided by their energy plan. This energy plan could eliminate most of the glitches in the system! Maybe, politics did not want to confront this problem or perhaps they did not take into consideration the importance of their energy plan.

The FERC plan can increase efficiency and lower electricity bills. The plan also allows for non- profit organizations to run mini plants across America. These groups will have the ability to control locations of new power lines, and any other electrical work needed in that specific area. The FERC plan is a wonderful idea, but why is the plan not in effect or breezing through Congress? Members of Congress and other political offices believe that the plan will cost billions of dollars.

The Untied States cannot afford this according to the national budget, even though a transformer cost less then 10% of an electrical bill. This is a major problem that needs to be researched and fixed before any more blackouts occur. I surely do not want to be left in the dark when it comes to this issue.