What is beauty? An omnipresent characteristic, beauty has stolen the eyes of today's youth. As every body knows that inner beauty is considered to be more important than outer beauty. Though, it's obvious that inner beauty is the need of humanity, yet the younger generation nowadays, tend to they waste too much of their precious time on outer beauty rather than inner beauty. This matter is considered to be one of the main problems in our society. I want to discuss a part of them base on what I knew. First of all, I want to ask, what is inner beauty? Each of us has a different definition of it.

In general, inner beauty is a quality of mind, strong spirit, talent and generosity of a person. He / she could give to his / her peer pleasure, good time in communication. One always takes the initiative in conversations and solving problems. One could lead their friends to do the right thing. For example in my English class, there are some of my friends are African; they know the possessions very well. They are smart, usually give suggestions and answer the teacher's question before the rest of class.

So it is their inner beauty. And my best teacher, he is African too and looks very simple. He is very good teacher. He gives extra help to his students anytime during school day including his lunch time and two to three hours after school every day. He treats his students as good as his own children. Every one likes him.

For a person uneducated, we could see inner beauty in his / her actions such as gentle, helping another, none of greedy, and none of stealing and honestly... example my uncle in china, although his family is poor, but he never steals or cheats anyone money. Those are sample to show that the inner beauty is the need of humanity. Beside the inner beauty, outer beauty is topic considered, it has greater affection. How is outer beauty affected to a person? People think that once they are beautiful, their friends, their companions will accept them easily. Indeed, it is true.

Every one is absorbed by the outer beauty. It is good impression on the first look. Example, the guys always look for the girls' beauty first of all, and the girls are same too. If a girl has uneducated or not smart, rude but she is beautiful, there are still many guys want her. And if the guy is a bad person, but he has good looking, so the girls still like him. In addition, a person has outer beauty is look like an easy person, and friendly to talk.

But the first impression is not usually right when we want to value a person. If the person just have outer beauty, they are easy to get forget after that. So inner beauty and outer beauty has their useful. Nowadays, they are not balance anymore. The Youth today, they run too much for the outer beauty and left behind the inner beauty. In the developed country like Canada, high living standards, they make up and update fashion.

Aesthetic is popular. Ugly could change to beautiful easily. Entertainment is high-tech. The clubs is preferred. The Youth just run for update. The time goes so fast, the people don't pay attention and have no time to find out the inner beauty of their friend.

We have independent, some time it makes a person be meant if too much independent, they don't care another. There are some one said that "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." It means the inner beauty is getting forgotten in this society. True beauty is no longer matters in anyone's eyes. It warns to the parents that should what out their children, lead them into the inner beauty like study hard, be a good person rather than just run for out side look like clothes, high-tech equipments... Those are my opinions about the true beauty.

I want to remain that Inner beauty and outer has own their world of useful. But the Youth today, they run too much for the outer beauty and left behind the inner beauty. It is not good. Beside that there are many people they want to improve their inner although they have outer beauty. If a person has inner and outer beauty, he / she is a perfect person.

We should discuss and show the true beauty to each other. We should look deeper in our self to find out is it true? As Buddha said "should look at your peer such as a living Skeleton." Buddha was a king; he left his kingdom to be a monk. He wanted to find out the topnotch of inner beauty.