Shirley E dun Eng 0307. 301 07-02-03. Liquor Commercials Should Be Banned. Research has shown that there is high consumption of liquor between the ages of 20-26. since the invention of liquor, it is known for the attention it derives from its consumers. The government should ban all liquor commercials from television due to these reasons.

Liquor contributes to the spread of alcoholism that leads to drunk driving, liquor also serve as a negative influence on teenagers, and it is a threat the body organs. Liquor commercials contributes to the spread of alcoholism that leads to drunk driving which is the cause of thousands of death today. Many people drink alcohol excessively. For instance, at club parties, most people drink from a funnel filled with alcohol; they drink this until they are drunk and unable to make the right decisions at that moment. For example, an incident occurred involving an 18-year-old boy who was racing is friends under the influence of alcohol, he had a crash that caused him is brother's life. Liquor serves as a negative influence on teenagers.

Most teenagers make bad decisions about their life. At this stage of their lives, they are under a lot of pressure, which makes them tune to alcohol. Most teenagers after seeing a commercial on a particular brand of alcohol would decide to try it. After trying it the first time and he or she feels it tastes good, they would talk to their peers about it, and they begin to drink it repeatedly. Drinking alcohol is very addictive. A teenager that drinks alcohol becomes addicted and is unable to do the right thing.

It leads to teenagers becoming alcoholic. Statistics that shows that dunk driving cause most death also shows that teenagers under the influence of alcohol cause the most death. Most people drink alcohol excessively without being aware of the damages it does to the body organs. Medical research has shown that liquor is the cause of several hearts and lung problems.

Liquor commercials gives the satisfaction and do not give the disadvantages of drinking alcohol. The statistics shown by medical research is that more people die of alcohol damages than of natural death. These are reasons why the government should ban all liquor commercials from television. Why should liquor be advertised when it is threat to our body organs, it has bad influence on teenagers and it causes several deaths? The government should ban all liquor commercials from television..