There are many steps that one must take to write a paper. Throughout my years in writing I have always had problems trying to figure out what it is that I am going to write about. Writing an essay isn't as easy as it may seem. No matter how perfect I may think my final draft come out, something always out wrong and I have to go back and fix my errors. These are the steps that I must take so that I can become a better writer in college. I have been thought many different types of ways to write.

For example I was thought to always pre write. P rewriting always helps me figure out what it is I want to write about. There are many ways that someone is able to pre write. Some of the methods used for pre writing are as follows: brainstorm, make clusters, outlines and one of the easiest things that I learned to do is free writing. Once this is all put together you as the writer can start putting the pieces together and deliver a good essay or research paper for a reader to read. Pre writing really helps me out in many ways.

Not only in writing a paper but in putting an idea together. For instance when your planning out an event you pre write. You make an outline of what it is you are going to use. As in writing you do the same, you may write down something you think your going to use then later on you may omit it.

When reading a paper you are able to tell if the writer actually took his or her time to pre write. When I've read papers that I have wrote I am able to tell when I actually took my time and did an outline of some sort. Or when I just wrote a quick write and turned it in. Pre writing as really helped me out when it comes to writing papers. The reason why is that pre writing gives me and idea of what it is I want to write about. Also pre writing relates to organization, once you have a brainstorm or an out line you can chose three of the best topics and number them to see which one you will use first.

That way I don't sit in my desk looking at my computer and asking myself what it is that I am going to write about. Once I have my ideas together, I go back and think what is the purpose behind each of these ideas? Without a purpose then there is no point in trying to get my word across to the reader. At times when I begin to write I have in mind what the purpose of each and every one of my paragraphs is going to be about. Finding a purpose for me isn't difficult, but trying to develop the purpose is what gets a little complicated. I have to ask myself what it is that I want my readers to get out of my writing. What is the theme behind my writing and have I answered the questions the readers are asking? When stating a purpose it has to be well organized in a matter that the reader doesn't get mislead by the writing.

In my writings I tend to confuse my readers. Occasionally the reason why I confuse my readers with my writing is because at times I don't even know what it really is that I am writing about. That is the reason why I as the writer has to have a clear purpose of what it is I am trying to write. Now that I know what each vocabulary terms really means, I have a better understanding of what is now expected of me in my writings. I know that I am not a perfect writer yet, but everyone starts from the bottom and then progresses to the top. With more writing assignments I know that my writing will improve.

If I go back in time and look at a writing sample that I did in third grade to know. I will be able to see that i have progressed a lot. From writing one paragraph to doing a five page research paper. I know that by whining and saying that I am not a good writer it will not get me anywhere.