Newspaper Reports - Real Newspaper STRANDED Have you ever been stranded on an island? While you were at a young age, have you ever been stranded with just kids of your own age? That is what it was like for a plane full of boys. Their plane had crashed on and island somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean at 8: 47 am last on August 6 th. Their pilot was killed in the crash; all the boys were left to fend for themselves on the island. While on the island the boys constructed shelters and a way of hunting food. Some tragic things happened on the island while the boys were there. Simon Hunter was reported missing one morning on the island.

Police officers suspect that Simon had gone for a swim in the middle of the night and drowned. Piggy Smalls was another child on the island that had a horrible fate. Piggy had fallen off a cliff and pummeled to his death. While the boys were on the island they were reported to have turmoil between each other. They were rescued just in time before any violence occurred between the boys. The naval officer who first discovered the boys told newspapers that the boys were dressed in rags and it was a miracle that they were able to survive the hardness of being stranded on an island.

As for the boys who survived, their families have thanked God that nothing had happened to their boys. The only problem is that the boys have been a bit traumatized. It seems they have a sense of evil in each of the boys now, their parents have reported that they have been acting like savages. Let's hope nothing like this ever happens again. Tabloid Paper STRANDED WITH EVIL Have you ever been trapped on an island that was filled with evil plots? An island with such deceptions, which could create an evil between young boys, which could even encourage violence throughout everyone on the island. Yes, this really happened.

On August 6 th, a plane crashed on an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The only survivors were a band of boys. The pilot was killed in the crash. The boys gathered together and voted a chief to make sure the progress on the island was running smoothly, they always confirmed hunters to hunt for food. There soon came tension between the chief and the hunters on the island. This caused great havoc on the island and halted the progress the children were having on the island.

Soon came horror on the island. The children had visions of a beast. There was two murders that had occurred between the boys. Simon Patrick was brutally murdered by all the boys because they had mistaken him to be the beast on the island. The boys later found that the beast they feared so much was nothing more than a dead parachutist hanging by his chute. Simon first discovered that the beast was nothing more than a dead man.

Another murder had also taken place on the island. Piggy Smalls had been brutally murdered by Roger Hange. Roger was standing at the top of a cliff when he rolled a huge boulder down and crushed Piggy. The boys felt no remorse because by this time they had a savage instinct in them. Being on the island for a long period of time change the way the boys felt about the world. There was no humanity or rights on the island.

There was just them and the island in the world now. They lost respect for everything. The boys were plotting against their former leader Ralph Higgins. The boys were miraculously found before another murder had taken place on the island. The boys are all seeking mental help for the trauma they have been through. Let's hope this never happens again..