After reading through M. Butterfly, I am intrigued by how desire played such a big role in how Gallimard pursued Song. In the beginning of there relationship he visits her; however, he still feels guilty about seeing another woman and does not tell his wife. Then, he tries to forget that he saw Song, yet, his .".. curiosity overcame [his] cowardice" and he has to see her again (pg. 20).

&nb! sp; As the plot thickens and I get to know the characters better I realized that Gallimard pursues Song because she is so much different than all the women he's ever known. Song is educated, refined, creative, and she certainly isn't afraid to tell him what she thinks. She has power over Gallimard, and I think he likes the way Song plays with his mind and makes him believe what he thinks he should believe. In the very beginning when she first invites him up to her apartment, she says "I... I don't even know why I invited you up" then she continues to say, "There is an element of danger to your presence", and I think this gets Gallimard's blood pumping all he can think about is when he will see Song again because as "wrong" as it is it feels so right. In the end he stayed with Song! for twenty years, and it doesn't seem possible that he couldn't know t hat she was a man at some point in their long relationship.

Even when people know they are doing something wrong they continue doing it because that unknown is so thrilling that it drives your soul wild.