I really can not place the very first time I was aware of a political event, but I know that I have been surrounded by politics since birth. I have attend many city council meetings and I often go with my father to lobby issues that we approve or disapprove of. It has always been apparent to me that politics are important at least in the broader sense. I find it important to at least know the major political current events.

If you know these occurrences than you can carry on a decent conversation. My parents and myself just recently started to discuss our stand on specific issues mainly on the city level. I find it quite exciting when you know the people involved in the event, because it truly shows the people voice in government. Over all my father is more politically active than my mother and myself. He has been treasurer for the Latino Board of Chambers in Pomona and have belonged to many other political and business related clubs and groups.

I have always tagged along to the meetings and often have been asked to give input from an adolescent point of view. I always find it funny that adults and teenagers think in two completely different ways. For example, just recently I attended an emergency city council meeting held to discuss the issue of beautifying one of the main streets in Pomona, Mission Boulevard. They were planning on spending 5 million dollars improving a stretch of 15 miles. They assumed that they had thought of everything that the street really needed. When they asked if there was any questions or comments and made the point that they had completely ignored bicycle lanes.

This street has a large amount of bicycle traffic. They were more interested in putting palm trees and things that adults find to be attractive. My interest in politics is fueled by my own personal desire to be informed. I often spend time.