Are parents taking over teenager's lives? Though parents may look innocent watch out. They can weave themselves into every part of what is supposed to be a teenager's life. Until teenagers are 18 parents are in control. In A Midsummer Nights Dream by William Shakespeare, parents act like Hermia's father by trying to control their teenager's every move, not listening to their children, and pushing their children to run or rebel. Parents continually try to control their teenager's lives. They think they are doing what is best for them with out thinking of how they really feel.

" And she is mine, and all my rights to her I do estate unto Demetrius." Egeus instead of worrying about what his daughter wanted, just tried to use the fact that he is in control, to get what he wished. In which to day parents use "As long as you live under my house you will do as I say" to control their children. Teenagers need to be heard. They yearn for the approval of their parents. Just like Egeus many parents don't take time to listen.

"I would my father looked but with my eyes." Instead of listening to how much Hermia loves Lysander, Egeus just heard Hermia not listening to him. Parents today do the same thing. They don't listen to the dreams their children have. They just listen to the dreams they have for their children. Egeus pushed his daughter to run and rebel. By not thinking of his daughter's feelings, Hermia felt she had no choice but to run.

" And thence from Athens turn away our eyes." Like Egeus many parents push what they want on their children. Teenagers when feel pushed or pressured often run. They might not always physically run. Though if not they will most likely turn to friends, drugs, and or alcohol. In which these things could permanently destroy a child's whole life. Egeus and parents today act alike by trying to control teens, not listening, and pushing their children away.

I think parents need to show more compassion for their children's lives. They need to think of how they looked at life when they were young. I think they are pushing their children they same way they tell us they were push into things. Parents need to love and accept their children for who they are and the dreams they have.