The purpose of my essay is to persuade the reader that your goal can be accomplished when you work hard to try to achieve it. In life people work hard to try to accomplish something they can't do and want to be able to do. There are few people in our world that are blind and deaf. It takes them a long time to accept their disability and the method of learning. In the play, "The Miracle Worker" by William Gibson, Annie teaches Helen a way of hearing and seeing in a way she understood. Helen couldn't see or hear and Annie taught Helen everyday until one day Helen just understood what an object was and the name it had.

It took practice but Annie reached her goal, which was to help Helen understand life. In the play Annie says "Helen, the chick has to come out of its shell sometime, you come out too." (p. ) Annie is telling Helen it's hard to accept but you will eventually understand and learn to accept it. Being blind and deaf if like being in a different world, two of your most important senses are absent in your life. You have to learn your own way to understand. Annie taught Helen in a way that Helen could understand and remember.

Helen started to learn when she started to realize smells and feeling go with a word. Annie also tells Helen "There's only one way out, for you, and it's language." (p. ) Helen is telling Annie the only way she will be able to hear and see is by learning a language, understanding and knowing what something is with a name and picture. Helen started to understand words when she put the word "water" with the feeling of water.

Babies learn how to talk when they hear the word repeatedly and start to understand words go with a picture. Helen, at the end, finally understood what a language was and how she can learn around her disability. It took her awhile to learn, but Annie kept working until she finally understood. Annie's goal was to make Helen understand life. She kept working and accomplished her goal. This proves that working hard for your goal makes your goal easier to accomplish..