Ward- Calm, Determined, Following Procedure, Passionate, educated Ward, like Anderson wants to get to the bottom of the murder as soon as possible. But unlike Anderson Ward is very cool about the approaching the residents and attempts to be calm, collected and nice. After being led around like ducks Ward finds himself frustrated and calls in 100 extra FBI agents to search the pond for any small speck of evidence, obviously Ward at first refuses to disobey procedures, insisting that they must follow them. This is shown when Anderson requests to do things his way.

Ward although head incredibly determined in solving the crime. And also unlike Anderson of the operation doesn! t have as much experience as Anderson. Ward as most likely came out of college and moved into comfortable position in the FBI Anderson- Brash, Tough, experienced, direct, Cheeky Anderson can be hot-headed and agitated very quickly as shown many times in the movie. He is not afraid to use violence to get what he wants, a quick insult from Frank and it becomes pain for Frank, as Anderson knows some moves of his own. Anderson has made it clear that he once lived in Mississippi and has obviously worked his way up the ranks unlike Ward who was placed in a very high position to begin with. Anderson doesn! t like to play games if he wants answers he expects straight answers, he doesn! t ploy any mind games.

Although he is very serious he can be very sarcastic also as he says! ^0 Baseballs the only time a black man gets to swing a bat at a white man without starting a riot. ! +/- Pell- Devious, atrocious, angry, hateful, disgrace Pell is Part of the Klu Klux Klan and racist group. Pell was one of the people which helped in the disgraceful killing of the three kids. When Mrs. Pell was holding the black baby Pell was obviously mocking him saying how cute they were. When Pell discovered that his wife had helped Anderson he was enraged and viciously attacked her.

He is Deputy of the police and is a disgrace to the name. Mrs. Pell- Brave, Trusting, likes Black people, Helpful, Important Mrs. Pell was possibly the most important source of evidence in the whole movie.

Without her assistance Ward and Anderson may have never found the truth behind the crime. She clearly supports the black community wants to help. It was very brave of her to decide to help Anderson as it would put her in a serious disadvantage. She obviously trusted Anderson. Frank- Big, Stupid, Racist, murderer, follower Frank is a big man who is also part of the Klu Klux Klan and also involved in the killing of the civil rights workers. Frank is not the most intellectually developed person with his group, this is shown as he doesn! t make many decisions himself and rely on others to make the choice for him.

He merely is a puppet chosen to take the hit. Frank is an extreme Racist and hates the black community with a lot of passion. When asked if he would ever kill a black man he replied! ^0 wouldn! t think any more than wringing a cat! s neck. ! +/- Aaron- courageous, faithful, innocent, young Aaron is a small black kid who Ward and Anderson Approach and ask for his assistance. At first he was reluctant and his father didn! t approve of him helping the FBI but eventually Aaron even at his young tender age decided to help, despite knowing the Klu Klux Klan would be after him.

The KKK waited for him outside the church and as the black community exited the building they mercilessly attacked them. Aaron just knelt and prayed but the frank booted his head and told him to stay away from the FBI. The Black Community- Hopeful, quiet, scared, discriminated, poor The Black community in Mississippi Burning had done nothing wrong, they had committed no crime, no acts against anyone yet they were being beaten around as the white community wished. They must! ve hoped for it too end, prayed for it to end every day. Afraid of the next time they would be terrorized, it could be tomorrow or it could within five minutes. The KKK- Evil, Blind, Sadistic, cruel, mislead The KKK is and organization which hates and discriminates against all races except Anglo-Saxons.

In Mississippi Burning the KKK have many meetings and generally all agree on the same thing, everyone on earth isn! t as important Anglo-Saxons. Although their views are generally wrong and quite appalling, I believe Clayton Townsley are misleading them and them being as blind as they are will eat up anything he says. The Mayor- Corrupt, weak, lost, unworthy, Coward The Mayor didn! t play a serious role in Mississippi burning as he didn! t do very much. They main problem with the Mayor was that he knew the exact details on what the Klan was planning to do to those civil rights workers and yet he didn! t have the courage to say or do anything. He was the mayor for god sakes and if he can! t handle the pressure he shouldn! t be mayor, that! s probably what he decided to in the end when he killed himself. The White Community that watch and do nothing- Scared, Protecting Family, Watching, Careless The White Community that watch ad do nothing is quite disappointing.

If the white community would say or do something maybe something could have been done to prevent all this turmoil. Yet I can understand why they did not speak up. If they spoke up and nothing changed, all would have been for nothing and most likely the Klan would be after them and their loved ones. So to protect themselves from possible hurt they have chosen not to talk, which is a shame. The White Community that protest with the blacks- Brave, thoughtful, has an opinion, righteous, The White Community which supported the protest is incredibly brave to march for the black people in front of the white community and especially the KKK. These people are clearly determined to make a point.

They have done the right thing even if they are going against the odds. At the start of the movie there are only a few white people involved but as the movie progresses more and more join in. Mississippi in 1964- Harsh, Racist, traditional, Independent, unlike rest of America Mississippi in 1964 was a very harsh place. The place is old and the people refuse change.

They don! t want people how to run their state. They don! t want the more northern states to give them orders and rules. Even though in the north racism was beginning to decrease and subdue, there has been no apparent change during this time period. Still very racist towards those of different backgrounds. The Civil rights workers- victims, unlucky, youthful, unfair, and terrified The Civil rights workers were the unlucky victims of the Klu Klux Klan. They were returning home when they were chased down and attacked by deputy Pell.

Pell Gruesomely shot them all. They had not done anything wrong yet since they were labeled Nigger Lovers they were the enemy so they were killed. It was a terrible injustice and was totally unfair. Clayton Townsley- Mastermind, Charismatic, smart, hateful, leader Clayton Townsley was the Mastermind behind the killing of the Civil rights workers and all of the Klan! s Actions. He may have been only a business man but he was a Charismatic Speaker, which was enough to earn him a position within the KKK.

Combined with his hate for non Anglo-Saxons and a smart mouth he became an influential leader witch people in the movie looked up to.