When one goes into a restaurant one of the first things that take over your body is the sense of smell. In my case, it was burning chicken flesh on the grill. With every breath attempting to draw every single one of your taste buds out of your mouth and into the Teriyaki styled chicken, served with your choice of white rice or Lo mien. Personally I selected Lo mien over the white rice because these days everything comes with rice so tanned noodles was preferred for this experience. At first glance the chicken Teriyaki appears as stripped chicken thighs moistened in some sort of sauce that not only enhanced the visual aspect of the food, but allowed the mixture to give out an irresistible smell that one causes one to salivate for the taste immediately. Once the food was served I wasted no time into picking up my fork and stabbing one piece of the precious poultry.

The instance the food entered my mouth a rush of sweetness fell all over my taste buds caused by the sauce was immediately surged into my senses. All of that sweetness and the taste of tender grilled chicken combine into one unforgettable experience that leaves you craving for the next bite. As for the Lo mien, I can say that it did not impress me as much as I had thought. When served it seemed like spaghetti with thicker noodles and with a brownish sauce. Similarly to the Teriyaki Chicken this sauce added an even greater wave of sweetness in my mouth.

Along with the mix of noodles and the sweetness of the sauce came a strange array of vegetables that from the looks of it had been not only frozen for a long time but also cooked for even longer. The broccoli was green, with a ready to melt butter softness and gooey ness that refused to stay in once piece. The combination of the Teriyaki and the Lo mien did not live to its expectations. I really enjoy sweet foods but there has to be a limit on how much sweetness is added to the mix. After having a few mouthfuls of this dish, I noticed that my stomach started to neglect the food more and more up to the point where I just could not stand to look at my plate any longer. The dish that I originally could not refuse and the smell that I could not turn my face from, had evolved into a blend of vegetables, chicken, and sauces that turned my noise receptors to anything else but that plate that was in front of my sight.

The experience turned up to be a positive one. I tried two different entr " ees with one dish. One of them I enjoyed and the other I did not. I can now understand why they offered the choice of white rice or Lo mien. Next time, I will chose definitely without a doubt the white rice. I feel it will allow me to enjoy the variety of flavors in the foods instead of having just one flavor, in this case sweetness, controlling those of other items..