In the story Of Mice and Men George, Lennie, Crooks, and Curley's wife had shattered dreams. First, George wanted to have and land to call his own. Second, Lennie wanted to tend the rabbits. Third, Curley's wife wanted to be in the movies.

Lastly, Crooks wanted to be treated as an equal. Foremost, George wanted a place to call his own. He wanted Lennie and himself to buy a ranch with their own land. They wouldn't have to worry about anyone "canning" them. The land would be there's to do as they please.

He had everything planned out. Where it would be, who got to do what, what the surroundings would be, etc. It became a story of comfort. When George had to shoot Lennie it was like the other half of him was missing. The passion of them accomplishing that had died down. Also he wouldn't have the joy of Lennie as his companion.

Despite the fact Lennie was mentally challenged, George cared for him. Next, Lennie wanted to take care of many rabbits. He wanted to give them lots of alfalfa and pet them. He was very protective of the thought of their well-being. If anything threatened them he would take action. Basically he wanted to live a happy life without being troublesome to George.

He wouldn't let anything bad happen to George either. When Lennie accidentally broke Curley's wife's neck everything ended for him. He would never get to live side-by-side with George, tend the rabbits, and live of the "fatta tha lan'." Third, Curley's wife wanted to be an actress. An actual actor told her she would be great on screen. She had more than one reason for her dreams becoming shattered. Her mother told her she couldn't be in pictures so she obeyed her.

After marring Curley, he acted as if he owned her and didn't let her do much. She became confined in her own house, even though she didn't really stay put. When Lennie mistakenly snapped her neck out of panic that permanently ended her dreams and life. Lastly, Crooks wanted to be equal to everyone else.

He never got to play any games with the other men. All he really did was read different books. Crooks wanted to live a nice life like anyone might. Nobody talked to him. He didn't like being alone. His dreams were shattered the day he was born.

Bigotry oppressed him. In conclusion, George wanted his own land with the company of Lennie along side him. Lennie wanted to tend the rabbits and be happy with George. Curley's wife wanted to be a famous movie star. And Crooks wanted to be treated equally and not alienated. "The best laid plans o' mice and men oft go awry And leave us naught but grief and pain For promised joy".