Before that night, I never thought that a beautiful sight could actually take my breath away and make it impossible to speak. I had always thought it was a saying people used to make their meaningless life have a little more significance, a way to charm up the dullness their exposed to on a daily basis. I never thought that a simple view could draw tears from my eyes and cause my heartbeat to quicken. I suppose my lack of confidence in the statement was due to my complete avoidance of anything remotely ardent. I considered myself to be the least hopeless romantic alive and would do anything to avoid cheesy lines and absurd insincerity.

However, as the waiter escorted my boyfriend and I to our table; my eyes wouldn't leave the flickering lights that gave life to the scenery below. I sat down, still completely flustered and obviously amazed but excited to spend the evening in a restaurant that overlooked Las Vegas. The room was full of people conversing with one another, laughing and sharing moments that had slipped by them into the past. The aroma from the sweltering kitchen filled my nostrils and teased my stomach from the exquisite dinner I knew awaited me.

Still, the moment seized me and it was almost impossible to look away. Fear of losing the spectacular view paralyzed me and kept my eyes from shifting to anything else. Uneasiness came over me when I began to wonder if my boyfriend had realized that I hadn't turned away from the window and that my eyes had begun to moisten and spill over. Finally, I turned my attention back to the world around me and suddenly everything around me was alive. I could hear the murmurs from the tables in the distant, filled with strangers I didn't know and talking about things I knew nothing about. From the table beside me, I could hear the waiter inform his customers of the house specials and gently hand over the menus.

The man across from me united his eyes with mine and instantly I saw how they danced with exhilaration at the sight of my reaction. The smell of the food still lingered and tormented my stomach and added to my appreciation of my elegant surroundings. Everything around me triggered something that I knew I would savor for years to come. I do realize, that memories stay just as long as one is willing to keep them, however, something tells me I'll never be able to obtain the exact image of what I saw that night.

It was beautiful and I still find it impossible to recapture. Now I know that when you " re on top of the world looking down, anything can steal your heart, make it hard to speak and even make you cry. So, I guess those saps were right and I suppose I was wrong; I am a hopeless romantic. "For I never knew true beauty till this night." William Shakespeare.