Why do teenagers always like to chat online? Most of them like to chat online because it's a fun activity for all kinds of people. Girls and boys enjoy chatting with their friends. Sometimes they go online for many different reasons. Most teens in high school or middle school love to chat with their friends online all the time. People chat online because they want to meet new people. Sometimes it is very dangerous to meet new people online because we don't know what they look like.

Online chat is a fun hobby for teenagers and to people at all ages. AOL is a common place where teenagers chatting online. The internet is a worldwide thing. Everyone uses it. Chatting online is not only for teenagers but for everyone who wants to chat. Teens chat with their friends everyday or every weekend.

Sometimes people chat online with their long distance friends who live far away from them. Online chat is a common thing to anyone. I chat online with my friends every weekend. I use AOL because all my friends use it. Sometimes I use Yahoo Messenger to chat with my family members who are still in Vietnam but I don't use it a lot. Every country uses the internet because it's a worldwide thing.

Everyone use different programs to chat online such as: AIM, YAHOO, MSN, or ICQ. The bad thing about chatting online is meeting new people. Some people are very lonely; they want to meet new people. It's very dangerous to chat with people that you don't know.

Meeting strangers online can be very dangerous and very risky because some of them can be bad or they have criminal records. You never know what's going to happen. There are many cases about this in the United States. Some teenage girls meet strangers after they spent a lot of time chatting with them. It's very risky meeting strangers without knowing anything about them.

They can take advantage of these girls. They do bad things to these girls, but eventually they get arrested by the police. Chatting online can be a good and bad thing to people because chatting is a fun activity but it's very risky. It's very dangerous to chat with people who you don't know. I use the internet to chat with my friends and my family. Everyone chats online for different reasons.

Chatting online is a worldwide thing which everyone enjoys.