"If Walls Could Talk" Oh only if walls could talk, just what would they say? Would they let us have the experience of a gay day? Or would a tale of old be told? Maybe even the suspense of a love story could unfold! Isn't it even possible for the events of a murder to be revealed? Or where a hidden treasure was secretly concealed? Imagine being a wall... Sometimes you would have to stare at nothing, nothing at all. While at other times you would have to bear living without love and tender care. Cold heartedly people grab their hammers, and attempt to pierce you with a nail. Whereupon they fail by completely missing the nail. Then they turn white as a ghost and utterly pail.

Eventually people succeed by covering you up with a picture of a humpback whale or an intense mountain trail. You were just another ordinary, crispy, sanitary-white wall, who dreamt of experiencing the blood-rushing thrill of being painted. So there you sat, for many a day, becoming somewhat tainted. Then, suddenly one day your dream came true; By a man who just plainly pointed at you.

This man who could be called an artist whipped out paints and paintbrushes of all sort. The artist then did something odd; he ran his fingers across my smooth surface... as if he was giving me some kind of moral support. I was dazed because there were paints and paintbrushes galore! There were more then I could ever dream of, or even ask for! All of a sudden, I felt the bristles of a paintbrush swipe across me. Deep down inside I was chuckling, but I really wanted to shout out in glee! All I could think was woo-wee! ! ! So now you know what it's like to be me. Living day-to-day being perceived as any ordinary inanimate object, who certainly isn't free! Therefore, the next time you pass a wall do not think that a wall is just a wall.

For I am wall who stands proud and tall, And I expect nothing to make me fall. Oh if walls could talk, was this just what they would say?