While reading Shakespeare's Othello there were numerous themes of honor, misplaced trust and jealousy. Throughout the play Iago's mission is revealed as trying to strip Othello of all honors, and reduce him to his bestial state. Misplaced trust were seen when Othello placed too much emphasis and trust on Iago. There was a lot of passion between Othello and Desdemona but it soon incinerate due the outburst jealousy of Othello. Iago sees Othello as a beast from the beginning of the play and is determined to expose him to everyone. In order for the world to see what Iago already views Othello as, Iago intends to persuade Othello to violate his code of honor; the honor which is the only thing that separates the beasts from the men.

Ironically, as Iago tries to bring out the beast of Othello by making him violate his code of justice, we see that Othello's bestiality was there all along. Iago's view of Othello as a beast is obvious. Iago repeatedly describe Othello in terms of animals. When Iago tries to anger Brabantia when news of his daughter marrying the Moor erupts, Iago describe his new son-in-law in vulgar, bestial terms.

Iago says "Even now, now, very now, an old black ram... is tuning your white ewe." referring to Othello and Desdemona. He also states "you " ll have your daughter cover'd with a Barbary horse; . you " ll have your nephews neigh to you; you " ll have coursers for cousins and gannets for germans." Disrespecting Othello in every way. Othello's misplaced trust in Iago would eventually spell his doom. Othello placed all the evidence and rumors on the trust of one man's word.

Othello believed Iago when he said that Desdemona was having an affair with Cassio without ever seeing the affairs. More importantly, a man of his stature can't be led to kill his wife through the words of one man. Othello himself must have an inner bestiality to commit the crimes without giving his wife a fair chance to defend herself. As a high ranking general, Othello should have taken more time to review the situation. Othello's quick action revealed his un trust to Desdemona. Othello let his emotions take over him without thinking and allowed Iago's goal to be accomplished.

Passion was a theme seen through the play. There were passions between Othello and Desdemona, Rodrigo's passion for Desdemona and passions between Cassio and Bianca. The passions of these groups in the play didn't have a good ending. All resulted in deaths except for Cassio's passion with Bianca. Othello kills Desdemona while believing she was a whore then kill himself after realizing his mistake. Rodrigo's passion for Desdemona ended in his death when tried to kill Cassio.

The play was very tragic with the main characters dying. Jealousy is primarily the theme that led to the death of Desdemona. Othello enable his emotions and jealousy of Cassio and Desdemona controls him in a way that enraged and change himself. Othello's full blown jealousy brought out his inner bestiality suffered by the beautiful Desdemona. You can see the Othello's mind and righteous conscience vanishing when he had a salvage thought of Cassio and Desdemona making love.