The Pilot Setting: several gigantic meteors with large green blotches slightly swirl, floating weightlessly around a ravioli-shaped, iron-colored space ship. They fly effortlessly towards an unsuspecting earth, passing the gray, blank moon along the way. I watched as the meteors passed through this virtual space, the colors vivid and beautiful... I felt as if I was, perhaps, clinging onto one of the kryptonite-infested meteor rocks, along for the suspense ride of that space ship. This scene was very well done. I must say, it was probably one of the best scenes in Smallville so far, as far as the special effects go.

The graphics weren't corny as quite a few have been throughout the two entire seasons of Smallville, they were actually very realistic. I particularly liked the shots of the meteors brushing the top of the moon when they were beginning to near earth. After the brief interlude with the meteors, we see a helicopter hovering unusually low to a row of cornfields below. The scene then cuts inside the helicopter, where we first meet Lionel Luthor (John Glover) looking over a newspaper. He brings his eyes to a red-haired little boy, eyes clenched and panicking. This is the young version of Lex Luthor (Matthew Munn), the future billionaire bald boy.

These few scenes were handled very well by both John Glover and Mathew, it really introduced us into the "Luthor world", and gave us an idea what went on in Lex's childhood. Over the next ten minutes, we meet the characters Martha and Jonathan Kent (Annette O'Toole, John Schneider) and Nell Potter (Sarah-Jane Redmond) and young Lana Lang (Jade Unter man). All handle they " re portrayals well, yet I still cant help but thinking Sarah over-acted a little. The next major scene I think I am obligated to discuss, was when the meteor showers reached the town of Smallville. When the meteor hit, it looked rather real.

The effects for it were plausible. The scenes in which our young Lex confronts the meteors was wonderfully portrayed. The young Mathew Munn is quite a good actor for such a young age. I enjoyed the suspense of the scene.

Then we clip to the next major scene. A complete joke in my opinion. Lana's parents sit outside there car. They wave to the young Lana... when suddenly a gigantic meteor comes hurling at them! They don't even try to escape it. They just stand there.

How believable is that? It's human instinct to run away or dodge an item haling towards you! You don't just stand there, cringing, waiting for the hunk of rock to join you with the pavement! I thought the graphics in this scene weren't very well done either. Lana's parents look like little card board cut outs when the meteor hits them... Although the car explosion was intriguing, that scene could have been done better accounting that this is a major part of the show.