Today's youth could really listen to the advice from Benjamin Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanac. If teenagers would only do the tasks that they need to do today, then they would be less stressed and would not worry about it tomorrow. They could also do a better job at what they were doing, instead of having rushed through it and done a poor job. That is why they should listen to Benjamin Franklin's aphorism, "Have you somewhat to do tomorrow, do it today." Teenagers today live in a rushed world. They always tend to have to do something, even after they just finished with something else.

They are at school, playing sports, doing homework, or working at a job. Teens do not get much time to relax without worrying about the next task they need to do. Thus, teens tend to put things off until later so that they can finish something they are currently working on, or get a while to relax and enjoy themselves. By the time they get around to the task they put off, they are either rushed with time and do poorly on it, or they just give up and decide to blow it off. So teens are busily working about their lives and when they put something off, they hope it won't be important or that people will let them do it later. Teens believe that everyone will do what best benefits themselves.

They tend to think that everything and everyone revolves around them. When a student comes to class without the assignment, they hope that the teacher will just let them make it up. Even though everyone else had to do the same assignment in the same amount of time, they think that they should get more time than everyone else should. They feel that because they procrastinated and did not do the work, they should get a special privilege and are allowed to finish the task later. This is why they tend to put things off, because they think everyone will wait for them to finish before continuing on with their tasks and lives. In conclusion, you should never put off any tasks until the last minute.

You should do what you need to do as soon as you can; otherwise you might not be happy with the results of waiting until the last minute. That is why Franklin's aphorism "Have you somewhat to do tomorrow, do it today," is important to today's youth. If you don't do what is necessary, eventually you have too many tasks to do, causing you to forget about important necessities, do bad on your work, mess up, or ruin your work that could of been great.