In last decade or so suddenly a virtually unknown crime was introduced in the United States. This crime was labeled acquaintance rape sometimes known as date rape. Was this a crime or was this an escape for women with loose morals that had sex and then regret? Are women more educated and understand that no means no and if so what did us poor women believe before, that no means yes? The meaning of no didn't change but the definition of rape did. The definition was changed to meet women's needs to help them explain their guilt. I do not dispute that rape is a horrible experience and that it should be punished with the harshest punishment available. I do however, as a woman, dispute the fact that women were not intelligent enough to know ten or twenty years ago that if a women said no they did not mean yes.

In a Ms. Magazine publication in 1985, Koss asked women to look at their situations again and read the fine print about would be considered rape. Many of these women did not consider these incidents to be rape but later changed their opinion due to the definition. They changed their mind but yet the majority of them stated they had or would sleep with their "attackers" again.

This should make many victims of rape angry. Take a look back to times were unwed mothers were looked down upon, look at the victims of rape back then. Some of these victims were so ashamed of being raped they gave up their children born from rape to hide the shame of being raped. Where are these women to stand up and say this is a farce? I'm sure that these women will tell you they wouldn't go back to have sex with these criminals.

Just because you know someone does it make rape any less of a crime? Nobody should believe that because you know someone it is okay for an acquaintance to tie you up and have their way with you. This should not be a sexual encounter that you want to repeat. The definition of rape has changed in some states; such as California unwanted kissing can be considered as a sexual assault. If you are on a date with a man he has to ask if he can kiss you prior to leaning over and attempting the. These are the times we are in. When does this stop? Do we continue to allow these laws to be changed because someone was ashamed that they kissed an ugly man at the bar and decide to have him charged in order to protect their pride.

This is the case in some of these incidents. There are women that openly admit that they decided the next day they did not want sex with that person. You should not be able to make up your mind after the fact and in some states it is perfectly legal to do so if you did not commit to a yes or no the night before. As women we need to stand up and show that we are not fragile shards of glass and be responsible for our actions. Men should be accountable for their actions but so should women. Rape needs to be clearly defined and there shouldn't be a separation between date rape and rape.

Rape is rape, no is no and that has never changed. We need to stop sugar coating the laws to excuse our behaviors by putting clear-cut guidelines and laws into affect that cannot be used as an escape for loose morals.