The reasons why people come to America today, and those who came in the late 1800's and early 1900's are very different but also pretty much the same. People who came to US in the 1900's were mostly poor, unqualified people who came for religious freedom, and an end to religious persecution. Every kind of person came to America for different reasons. Jewish people came from Eastern Europe because they could not get a good education in a country where there is anti-Semitism. In some Eastern European countries, anti-Semitism is so bad that people could get killed just because they were Jewish. Jewish people lived in small communities, and could not live in big cities.

Only 3% of the smartest Jewish people went to a University. Irish people left Ireland also because of religious persecution. Catholics oppressed Irish people, and Irish people could not practice their religion in Ireland. Many other people left their countries because there was not a lot of food, and work. Those people came to America to find a better life.

They came to get better jobs, and so they could be able to provide for their families. People who come now are people who come to the United States from mostly poor countries, and they came so they can became anything they deserve. In the 1900's people came to the United States by boat, and it took a few months to cross the Atlantic or Pacific oceans. After that, a health test was given to people.

People with bad health were not allowed to stay in America, and were sent back to their countries. This exam was held in either Ellis Island in NY, or Angel Island in California. Poor people came to America 3 rd class, all the way at the bottom of the boat. The conditions were bad, and many got very sick and died. Now people come to the US by airplane, sometimes by making a transfer form another country. Sometimes people come to the US on a direct route, without making any stops.

In the 1900's when people came to America, they settled in tenements, which were building in which people lived in a small apartment usually with more than 5 people. Also the conditions in these tenements were horrible. Garbage was not properly disposed of, there were many diseases, which killed many, many people. Now when immigrants come to the US they live in houses, apartments or condominiums.

The conditions are very good, and the rooms are spacious. Garbage is properly disposed of, and there are no diseases. People in the 1900's tried to find work in every single unqualified work area, and it was hard to get the same job as they had in their homeland. People who come now are qualified, and generally stick to the same job they had in their homeland. People in the 1900's had to generally fend for themselves and no government help was given. Now people who come get welfare and if they are over 65 years of age, they get SSI.

In the 1900's people had to buy their own medicine, and pay for their doctors from their own pockets. Now Benefits are give to all those who are unemployed, or those who came recently. These benefits allow a person to get free or low charge medicine, free healthcare and other things. In both the 1900's and now, America welcomes immigrants of all countries, and America itself is comprised of many different ethnic and religious groups. It would not be the same without diversity!