During the romantic period poets had elements to help write their material. Such as strong emotion, common man, daily life, super natural, and nature. Lord Bryon wrote ^aEURoeGrecian Urn^aEUR, it is about a lover who lost his most prized possession his significant other. ^aEURoeCome What May^aEUR was used in the movie ^aEURoeMoulin Rouge^aEUR to represent that love between two people could never die. Both written materials use romantic elements including nature, strong emotion, and super natural. The romantic element nature is used a great deal in poems, movies, stories, and songs.

Nature is used to help show and describe feelings, thoughts, and settings. ^aEURoe Seasons may change, winter to spring, But I love you until the end of time^aEUR (Christian) he is saying no matter what season it is or what happens he will love her. ^aEURoe Your leaves, nor bid the spring adieu^aEUR (22) Bryon uses nature in the same way but he is saying that it wasn, t her time to go because she didn, t say good-bye, but he will still love her. ^aEURoe And there, s no mountain to high, no river to wide^aEUR (Christian) and ^aEURoeWhat little town by river or sea shore, or mountain-built with peaceful citadel^aEUR (35) are lines that are saying that love can over come all obstacles now matter how challenging they are. Challenging like climbing a mountain, crossing the sea, or jumping across the river. Nature plays a major role in life, love, and happiness so when a written needs to describe feelings without being so upfront and bold about it they, ll use nature instead.

Not only is nature used to describe feelings and challenges in life, supernatural is also a common romantic element. Whether its giving a none living thing or a living thing an unusual characteristic. Like for example in ^aEURoeCome What May^aEUR the line is ^aEURoeListen to my heart, can, t you hear it sings: Telling me to give you everything^aEUR normally hearts don, t sing, but in writings they could do anything. And in ^aEURoeGrecian Urn^aEUR Bryon writes, ^aEURoeWhat leaf-firing, d legend haunts about thy shape of deities or mortals, or of both, in Temple or the dales of Arcady? ^aEUR which is saying that there is immortal things among us or that he believes there is something there but there really isn, t.

^aEURoeSuddenly the world seems such a perfect place, suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace^aEUR (Satine) is saying that the power of love is so incredible that it can blind and make you believe that crazy things are happening. There are many other ways to use supernatural in your writing. But there are other romantic elements to use or refer to when writing your material. Strong emotion happens to be one of the most common romantic elements to use in writings. In ^aEURoeCome What May^aEUR strong emotion is the bases of the song. It provides the right amount of emotion to set the mood and also the capabilities of the human heart.

^aeuroe will love you until my dying day^aEUR (Satine) is letting each of the lovers know that they will never love another. ^aEURoe Though winning near the goal yet, do not grieve; she cannot fade, though thou hast not thy bliss, for ever wilt thou love, and she be fair^aEUR (18) even though his lover is gone away his feelings for her will never change. Even though there are obstacles in life love tends to conquer over them. Sometimes its not love that is being shown it could be grieving, anger, sadness, confusion, and frustration.

In ^aEURoeGrecian Urn^aEUR the lover asks ^aEURoewho are these coming to the sacrifice? ^aEUR he is upset that people coming to grieve for his lover and he doesn, t understand why. But when it all comes down each writer has his / her own way to express strong emotions. Even though poetry, music, stories, and movies are written in different time periods they all seem to have some similarities. Whether they are written about love, death, fear, or everything its how you read it and its how they write it. Many poems are written with romantic elements including ^aEURoeGrecian Urn^aEUR and the song ^aEURoeCome What May^aEUR. Each writer has his / her own way of writing and way of using romantic elements.

The romantic elements that were used in these written materials were supernatural, nature, and strong emotion.