Our family is our most underrated asset? It all depends on what type of family you are in, yes for some and no for others, and then there are the people who don't even have families. Every family is individual and there really is no such thing as a normal family so how could it be possible to categorise so freely? But the fact remains that yes our family is an underrated asset and no it isn't. Families can be severely underrated, in the case of a happy family is it simply the child' expectation that when they get home their mother will be there making them dinner, or the mothers expectation that the child will be coming home for dinner? In these cases the family is an asset, and one that is seen as a part of every day life. Most members of this sort of family never would have considered what life would be like without their family. They have no need to, after all what is the chance of it breaking up? And what about the families that do break up, people don't really understand how important a family is until it's gone. The shock of having to live away from a family when you are so used to living with one can come as a severe shock.

It's only then that you realise how much you took your family for granted. If you had known how important your family was then maybe you would have put in a bit more effort to maintain it. But when families do 'break apart' it is by far the children who are effected the worse, especially if they are young because they will never really know what it's like to have a 'full family'. Therefore it's hard to tell if when they are older they will even view their families as an asset, after all when you have two mums and two dads and half and step brothers and sisters exactly where do you fit into the equation? Then we must also take into account the children and adults in this world who have never know a family, or have been separated from one for so long they don't understand the concept of a family anymore.

Extended family must also be taken into consideration when weighing up the importance of a family. Surely children who grow up with grandparents enjoy life a lot more? Or they may hate them, maybe it's the grandparents who hold the family together or the parents or the children. Each family has its own driving force and level of importance in an individual's life. If the family is not valued by an individual you may often find that friends have a high weigh in their life. After all friends are the family we choose for our selves, who's to say if everyone could pick their family they would pick the same people? And just about every person on earth must have wished they never had a little brother or sister, if you could choose not to have them in your life would you? Family can be someone's most underrated asset, but it can also be someone else's most overrated asset.

Every family is different and each to its own so it is wrong to categorise so freely. The importance of a family is not up to the family. It is up to the individuals who make up the family and even then the value of a family to the individuals who make it up may be different, some people may overrate and others underrate. For anyone to fully understand exactly how important their family is to them they must first understand exactly how important they are to their family..