The things that Shakespeare talked about are still relevant today. Some things such as Stereotypes, racism, love and relationships, sexism, hate crimes and discrimination. In Romeo and Juliet there are complex relationships and how family feuds negatively affected Romeo and Juliet in the end with the death of both. The deaths were do to the love that they could not have because of the two families feuds. The deaths were a cause of discrimination also, if Juliet's family had excepted Romeo for who he was then they could have been very happy together. This is relevant today because lots of people are committing suicide over things such as break ups and arguments with in a family and also of denial.

This also shows how two peoples misery can lead to many more things that are wrong for example the two families were in a long battle and had never had it resolved this affected the lives of Romeo and Juliet. In the merchant of Venice there are many derogatory statements about Jews being more interested in trade and money rather then other things such as friends and family. They are stating that they value money higher than anything else. This is showing racism, racism is still extremely relevant in today's society. For example September 11 has made a huge racism against people in the middle east.

In Hamlet Shakespeare is talking about incest and also the complexities of family Relationships, especially the one between Hamlet and his mother. This relates to today by symbolizing things other that just what is right and wrong. Gays and other things have to be accepted as well. In the play King Lear Shakespeare explores weaknesses of a great man and the disappointments with his daughters. He looked on the outside like a very powerful king but on the inside he was weak with pain that his daughters did not love him like he wished.

The things relevant in Shakespeare's time is very relevant today, these things give examples to why not to judge people of the make them feel and less than you do.