America has always been a very diverse country. There are different people, from different countries, and they bring different languages with them. There are people from European countries, South American countries, Asian countries, and many more. With these people and their different backgrounds, they all do not speak the same language. Some of these people do not even speak English, which is the main language used in America, but not the official language. Instead, foreign people bring their languages with them and try to adapt by keeping their traditional background.

Furthermore, there has always been and will always be a problem with America being a melting pot of different languages. With so many different people representing so many different countries it is hard to maintain one language. So here is the question, should there be one language used in America? In my opinion, I think that everyone in America should learn English and have English as our native tongue, and rule out other languages for primary use. I believe that being bi-lingual is ok, however, many people entering this country should learn English, and should use English as our main language. In the essay, Should English Be the Law? , by Robert D. King, he states that "The US House of Representatives approved a bill that would make English the official language of the United States.

The vote was 259-169 in favor."These events suggest how divisive a public issue language could become in America-even if it has until now scarcely been taken seriously." Furthermore, there are riots, protests, and debates that do take this language issue seriously, and want English to be the primary language. Businesses within America could be ran more smoothly and people within certain cities and towns would be able to communicate better. In America today with almost 40 percent of Americans able to speak a different language other than English, I believe it is time to make a permanent change. I believe it is time to take it more seriously, so we can have one language in this country. I am in favor of one language, and I believe we should all speak English.

On the other hand, diversity is what America's trademark is. People all over the country may take offense if we so much as threaten to take diversity of languages away. It is said in the essay, Should English Be the Law? , by Robert D. King, "Any language bill nowadays will face tough odds against the senate." So the chances of a one language country may be out of the question. I believe in a one language country, however, it may be our diverse language system that keeps America thriving. It may be our diverse language system that keeps America a super-power.

In conclusion, I believe that we should have a one language system in America to keep things easy, simple, and all the same. However, the chances of such a thing happening is slim to none, so all Americans must take pride on our diversity of our languages. One language may not be out of the question, but it is our diversity that keeps us a unique country.